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For Healthy Moms-3 Simple Ways To Sneak Healthy Veggies To Family Meals

They say kids take the eating habits of their moms. Why the moms? perhaps because most times the kids spend more time with mommy and pick up their habits. They say it takes kids about 10-15 times of tasting a meal for them to adjust to it’s taste! And we know what it took for us as adults to adjust to most veggies, some we still have to close our eyes to swallow!

So how does a fit mom who wants her kids to learn to eat veggies early on, get them to eat without it ending up in the dog/cat’s dinner? There’s only one way- Stealth.

Sneaking veggies into their favourite meals is the best way out there. I do it so much so that even when they manage to find out, it’s tough for them to pick it all out!

  1. Pasta is a great way to start. Kids love pasta, so near the end of the macaroni cooking time, add your child’s favorite vegetable to the boiling water, drain and combine it with the sauce or if you’re making it the ‘jollof’ way, chop and stir into the almost cooled meal.
  2. Finely shred zucchini or greens added to casseroles or used to garnish lasangna. Their mild flavor blends in seamlessly with other flavors while adding important vitamins and minerals.
  3. Instead of meat balls in their spaghetti or noodles, chop up miniature mushrooms or put it side by side. Having them both in may be better as the kids get to have both their favorite meatballs as well as delicious mushrooms which absorb the nutrients in the sauce nicely.

Having your kids enjoy the benefits of veggies in their favourite meals is a dream come true. Why don’t you give it a try and let us know which one works best for you.