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What I Learned When I Went Card Shopping On Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s day is a busy day for stores no matter what day of the week it is. One of my many talents include knowing how to shop for gifts and packaging them. That  my best friend’s husband asked me to pick out a valentine’s day gift and card for him, of course, was definitely no surprise.

Driving round the city, I wondered how people were able to get off work to roam the stores and gift shops- I guess love always finds a way!

Card shopping is an interesting and of course very engaging experience, you pore over the cards, not wanting to read so much but having to, looking for the one that speaks to you and hoping it will speak the same way to the reciever. In my case, I was a willing third party so it was even more of a challenge. hoping that my bestie’s hubby would first like the cards chosen, and then that his wife would appreciate them too.

My final stop after the gifts were bought and packaged, was a popular gift shop known for offering the most and best in romantic and functional gifts as well as rows and rows of cards to fit every taste. As I stood on one side of the isle in the card section, I began my task of reading / looking for the best card designs to choose from. Prices ranging from N400 to N1,500. Others around me did the same, curteously giving way for others to step by either to pick a card or read over one. In silence, because of course, we were all reading.

There I was, when I overheard two men beside me,looking over the cards. They were very married, and obviously trying to remain that way! One even had on red pants and a cream shirt- talk about committing to the day! (couldn’t take photos, they were too close!) So they begin a conversation which was constantly being interrupted by them snickering over a phrase or word on a card.

Finally, one of them said rather loudly-

” People who design these cards need to get more imaginative! the more I look, the more achaic and unexciting these cards tend to be! ”

I looked around and I tended to disagree-or was I achaic? I mean it wasn’t like there was a range of awesomely diverse cards, wordings and designs staring back at us to choose from, but I had in my hand four cards already and I needed only two. I imagined he was a millennial looking for designs and wordings to suit the present day, which he would probably better relate to; but my question still remained, would you prefer a card with the words ‘MCE(Man Crush Everyday)’ or some other catchy Instagram phrase, over the probably dated , ‘To the Man I Love’? Would it make the cards less achaic and more exciting you think?

He did find something to take away, muttering under his breath and looking non too pleased with his choice.

Ask for me, I think the habit of patiently searching each row and column when shopping kicked in and I did leave happy with cards that were romantic, versed and naughty too!

…and yes I took all four cards, My friend deserved them all!