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The 5 Style Secrets Of Really Stylish People- Find Out What Makes Them Tick!

Stylish people are fun and inspiring to watch. We love to see a woman or man bring out their stylish side no matter their style personalities!

We cannot say it enough: A woman or man who knows who they are and is confident in their own skin, knows and understands their body and dresses to fit it is one after our hearts!


While some just seem to be born to know this, most others have to learn the ropes and sometimes, this comes from watching other stylish people and then going the extra mile to ask- how do they think?

Stylish people do think a certain way and have rules that they live by that makes them who they are and we’ve brought you 5 of them sure to put you on the right lane, should you desire to take that path every woman, or man desires to tread.

  1. Stylish people aren’t slaves to fashion.

Carolina Herrera

Becoming a ‘fashionista’ may not be the aim of the stylish person. This person does like fashion but is able to have fun with it. They pick out the trends that suit them and follow on their own terms. The ones they don’t fancy, they let pass them by. A stylish person could wear a particular color or cut all day, everyday, and still look so good! case in point? Carolina Herrera and her crisp white shirts.
If you don’t like a trend—even if every blogger under the sun is wearing it, every designer offers it or every woman or man on the street can’t get enough of it—don’t buy into it. It’s that simple.


2. Stylish people are able to shop and find something almost anywhere. 
Legitimately stylish women will troll any—and we mean any—store with zero snob factor, yet they manage to stay true to their aesthetic. Hear!! Hear!!! Whether it’s the used clothing, thrift store, the high street stores or the designer brands, she is able to patiently search and come out with pieces that are reflective of her tastes. She’s not a sucker for shopping at only the high priced stores, here’s a woman who understands the meaning of the phrase ‘A diamond in the rough!’


3. They know how to style themselves to fit their own taste.
Have you ever given a friend a blouse you thought was of no style importance and the day your friend wore it, you had to ask yourself why it looked so different on her? Well, it’s not the blouse, it’s her taste.

Yeah, the blouse itself is probably pretty cool, but it’s really the way she styled it—how she tucked into great-fitting jeans, unbuttoned one extra button, rolled up the sleeves, and added a killer pair of statement earrings—that made everyone, you inclusive, comment on it!

They take the time to pull ther look together so it looks effortless. That’s one style secret every stylish person knows! It could be a top that looks carelessly tucked in halfway but he purposely styled it that way…

Tinie Tempah

4. They understand labels don’t make them any less or any more cooler than they already are. 
Most stylish women—and men, for that matter—in the world are ones who know they don’t need the $2,000  designer handbag  or shoes to make themselves appear cooler.

 These folks can step out in a faded gray tee and jeans and still look like the coolest person in the room all because they have enough confidence to pull it off!
At the end of it all, It doesn’t matter if those heels are Alexander Wang—if you can’t walk in them, you won’t be considered stylish. Sometimes, to look much cooler and tell your own story, you may need to ditch those stillettos and throw on a pair of comfortable ankle boots with that mini dress!

Claire Sumners

5. They understand that confidence and self awareness are important factors to looking good and awakening your creative stylish juices.

Before the era of Pinterest or Instagram, or the advent of personal bloggers, young women dressed for themselves, their lifestyle, and what looked good on them.

So while every other fashion loving person is following the trends on social media, and then everyone ends up looking like everyone else, they stand apart while holding their own-  they could be wearing a chic skinny pantsuit when every other woman is rocking glittery party dresses, and you still love them in it!
After all is said, done …and labeled, it remains critical that you find that indefinable element that makes you “you”. Here again, it’s all about you …. trust me,when that truly resonates, you WILL turn heads for the right reasons.




Research: stylecaster.com Feature photo: Grow360