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Falling In Love With Goge Africa’s First Couple: Isaac & Nneka Moses

There are very few couples we know, or anyone knows for that matter, who’ve worked, lived and travelled together as long as the Moses’ couple have! They are a TV comfort to those of us who have watched their travel show since the early naughties!(2000s)

Goge Africa is a pioneer and leading brand in travels, tours, culture and African exploration. It is an award-winning pan-African tourism and cultural programme, which was founded in the year 1999. The programme is anchored by the duo of Metche(Isaac) and Nneka, who are also married and the Managing Director and CEO of the company.

Nneka & Isaac Moses

We were thrilled to feature them on our February issue which as we all know is the month of St. Valentine, the month of romance. So who better to show off our culture, fashion and style, and of course love as it should be, but this oh-so lovely couple! You’re going to love this interview perhaps almost as much as we did!

1. Goge Africa is viewed in most parts of Africa and we know you have travelled to so many regions in Africa to shoot different episodes.  Which region/country’s culture did you consider to be the most fascinating?  Why? 

Every African region or country we have visited is uniquely fascinating in it’s own right. It is impossible to single one out of the mosaic of cultures and heritage dotted around our beautiful continent.

2. How do you decide on what to wear for each show?  Do you have stylists, or are you your own stylists?

We work with several fashion outfits in Africa because we believe in the creativity and versatility of our designers. Some of them include: in Nigeria; AFAM, WOW Couture, 1206, REGALIA , GRACES’s HAT, FERON, among many others including select members of Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, NALLEM from Ghana,  Sister Bucks from South Africa  etc,.

3.How would you describe  each of your personal styles off camera? 
Isaac- I feel comfortable in casual wears but, in the past 4 years I have been consistent with contemporary ethnic wears which gives me the look of an upwardly mobile urban African with  close ties to his roots.
Nneka-According to Isaac, I like to dress chic and sometimes outlandish but in a manner that can be described as decent. Interestingly, our travels around Africa can easily be spotted in my dress sense each time I step out.

4. How’ s Valentine’s day at the Moses’ residence? 

Honestly? Because we spend 23 hours in each other’s company every day in the past 2 decades, it has become more fulfilling to share love with those who we feel are deprived and those we can mentor or affect positively. Sometimes, we just spend our evening at home together over our favorite drinks and watch movies.
5. Who gives the best Valentine’s day gifts between the two of you? 

 Isaac: “It is not about who gives the best gift rather, it is who gives the most cherished gift”.

6. You’ve been married a good number of years,  what’s the best Valentine you’ve ever shared together?  Can you recall?
We truly cannot recall the best one, because for us, there is no special day to celebrate a union. We try to celebrate and appreciate each other always , while thanking God for His abundant grace and favour.

7. What’s the one thing your fans would be surprised to know about you two? 

Nneka: That Isaac speaks 5 languages and that my hair is natural, that we never really find time to rehearse our lines before going on the set of Goge Africa,  that Isaac cooks the best jollof rice and that I’m great with camera!

8. If you could treat your spouse to one thing,  money and time not being a hinderance,  what would it be? 
Isaac & Nneka: A boat cruise in the Caribbean!

9. What ridiculous fashion item does your spouse own and refuses to throw away or let go of?
Isaac-  She has refused to throw away some jaded fashion ornaments she got from Republic of Benin 19years ago!!

Nneka- For Isaac, none.

10. What’s next for Goge Africa? 

Upgrading the Goge Africa studio to a 4k (UHD) ultramodern production studio. We are expanding the scope of Goge Africa Travel Club and increasing the number of young Africans we mentor each year!

GA shows on Nigerian TV -African Independent Television (AIT), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and on MNET AFRICA MAGIC.



All picture content courtesy of Isaac & Nneka Moses