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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Shoes. I know one too many people whose knees turn to butter when they hear that word!  Shoe shopping for some actually works as a form of relaxation and even therapy!

Whether you’re one of those who suspends all reasoning when the two words ‘shoe shopping ‘ is mentioned,  or whether you’re the sensible one who believes in only matching your needs with your expenses,  we all need shoes and we all have shoe types we feel more comfortable with or are more likely to lean towards when picking out what to buy. Much as we cannot solely judge a person’s personality by the shoes they wear,  research has shown that you can learn as much as 80% from a person from their shoes- male or female.

So whether you’re a man reading this, or a shoe obsessed woman, what does your shoe say about you?

If you’re a shoe hugging woman, here’s a few opinions to consider:

Statement/Colorful Sneakers We are inclined to see this person as extroverted.

Ballet Flats/girly shoes– Girly,  sweet, feminine and romantic, best describes you.

Pumps especially really high stilettos- Classy , sophisticated , confident,  loving attention especially when these shores are in bright colors would best describe you.

Lace up heels-Bombshell,  ready for a hot date. Extroverted. That’s you.

Boots- High cut boots can be hot and sexy depending on what you wear it with. They also depict sensiblity and functionality.

Oxfords – School girl chic. That’s you! Oh yes!

High Strappy Sandals- Depicts an ambitious yet feminine and sexy woman. Women who wear high heeled shoes are generally seen to be high mentainance though. However, women who wear attractive shoes, shoes with pointy toes, shoes in good repair, and expensive shoes are seen to be quite liberal in their opinions.

Wedges- She’s straightforward, not afraid to have a good time or to just sit back and relax and she’s not afraid to tell you either!

Flat Sandals- Graceful , Bohemian and comfortable is how people see you. You love the beach and the outdoors.

Platforms – You probably are a sociable person, outgoing and friendly, you’re on every social media imaginable and active there too.

And for the guys, what stories do your shoes tell when you hit the streets?

The black dress shoes- This guy is pulled-together and knows self-respect.

Air Jordans- This guy is definitely one committed to his sneakers collection. Obsessed with them, he’ll probably turn up late for your date because he was playing  video games with friends!

Converse – This guy however, is a fun guy to hang out with, probably doesn’t take himself seriously and loves a great laugh.

Slip Ons-Describes a guy who’s so laid back he defines the word. He’s easygoing and low maintenance. A woman who loves these shoes are mostly tomboyish and also quite laid back.


Desert shoes – A man who’s not flashy but trendy,  understated and masculine in a very approvable way. Hmmmm….Nice!

Boots- Men who favor ankle boots are usually seen to be aggressive,  egocentric and tough.

In essence, what’s all this information to achieve? As much as you wouldn’t want anyone to judge you solely by the shoes you wear, you might want to think twice about what you constantly find yourself in when you step outside as people may not be that objective. Think about it, how many times did you build an opinion of people just by the shoes they wore even if it’s just once?

So before you swap out your black oxfords for a pair of white suede loafers, stop and consider what that might communicate about you. Better yet, have our in- house stylist do it for you.




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