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How Effective Is The Keto Diet? -Answered By LowCarbNG Expert, Pabara Imoagene

The keto diet is primarily known as LCHF . Low Carb High Fat. It’s really not a diet, but more like a lifestyle change because it’s a total overhaul of our eating patterns.   The diet advocates eating foods very low in carbohydrates to battle common diseases that have plagued people worldwide- like diabetes , PCOS and other reproductive and hormonal issues as well as HBP to name a few. Carbohydrate in excess can be quite inflammatory to the body so reducing it gives a wide range of relief to those suffering from the effects of excessive consumption.

Negative Carbohydrate foods


 Now the high fat in the diet plan is to ensure that while we reduce the carbs in our meals, we have an alternative less intrusive and detrimental source of energy. Fats can be used by the human body as an alternative source of fuel and it doesn’t allow the production of insulin which is present when carbohydrate is eaten.. so technically an LCHF diet plan will switch your body from using carbohydrate as a primary source of fuel, to using fats which produce ketones.  It is in this process of restricting carbs that weightloss happens and can be sustained over a period of time as one chooses. . We advice a moderate protein intake though.

Some Keto Compliant Foods

The keto revolution as I’d like to call it, took off in earnest in the early days of 2016. And the results when followed strictly are nothing short of miraculous.  Not just for weight loss, but also other health markers! While there’s no statical evidence used to measure, I’d say 100% in most people who actually follow the diet and understand the basic principles are successful. The results just pour in..

The woman looking to lose a lot of weight, can loose quite easily on LCHF.  It doesn’t matter how much. What I advice people to do, especially those who have a lot of weight to loose is to ” Practise mind over matter.. practice discipline.”  If you want something,  then be willing to pay the price to make it happen. Cutting out carbohydrates from our diets is not as easy as it may appear,  and to some people, exercising discipline isn’t their fortè, but if you will see weight loss results on this lifestyle  then disciplined you must be.

Since it is a lifestyle diet, it can be maintained for as long as you wish to . The thing I cherish most about the process of LCHF is that it gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and stick to it. Once you understand the basics of the plan and know the whys and how’s,  that knowledge that will stick with you for a lifetime. And even if you fall off the wagon,  you simply pick yourself up and move on, because you know exactly what to do. It’s quite liberating really to hold the keys to your weight in your hands . That’s what LCHF does for you.
Simply put, this was the easiest weight loss plan I’ve ever followed and gotten the type of results .. The sheer ease was the most alarming.. The speed and as I began to understand the whys, telling others about it became my passion. I’ve been through quite a lot of weight loss programmes in the years after I had children,  trying desperately to loose the baby fat. I would lose it quite alright, cos I can be quite determined about what I want to achieve, but any slight reversal, and the weight comes right back.. choosing to eat LCHF just made it easier and I’ve maintained this weight for almost 1 year now.. For me, that’s a feat!

Courtesy, Pabara Imoagene

I decided to bring this discovery closer to everyone around me and to the populace.. cos it’s easy, it’s affordable and sustainable.  I have a group of over 12k people whom we coach on the basics of this lifetime and how to loose and maintain weight. We  have stores in major cities, like Lagos,  Abuja, Portharcourt and Benin to ensure people have access to the various products needed to make the lifestyle sustainable.  We also have an online store. www.lowcarb.com.ng . All this I started within the last 8 months because of the passion I have towards seeing people achieve their best selves weight and health wise.
This 2017 we’ve also decided to embark on roadshows/ events in various cities, working with the local vendors to bring knowledge and create more awareness to this lifestyle. We have one in Abuja in January on the 21st and others coming up in Warri, Lagos, Benin and Port Harcourt, warming up to go.
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