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Shopping List: What You Need For 2017

It’s another new year! While we’re thankful for a new year, we must be sure that we have come into this year prepared. What do we mean? Well, look at it this way, everyone’s talking about what they want this year to be for them, what they expect from 2017, how many are prepared to recieve  what they’re asking for? Not many I can tell you. That’s where we come in. We know you want to take over in the business world, do better in your relationships and perhaps in your spiritual life. So if you were to draw up a shopping list of what you’d need what would it look like?

  1. Nothing like working from the the inside out-There is no way you’ll do better if your confidence in yourself is below the approved rating! Finding what you were built to do by God and how to get around the obstacles of life, chanelling all that you should towards achieving your best is where every one should begin!

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64 Lessons For A Life Without Limits is a reference book by Bishop TD Jakes to keep readers on course in managing their careers, relationships, health, home and spiritual well being. It shows you how to reposition yourself and make great decisions for your future.

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The Confident Woman, written by Joyce Meyer shows women how they can begin living blodly and without fear- of their past, or future. You can use what is unique to you as a woman, your gifts and talent to become and achieve all that God made you to be. Finally, do not leave out the importance of getting well informed in any subject you seek improvement in.

  1. Your Health is as important as you must imagine. There’s no conquering 2017 if you’ve been piling on the calories and dodging the veggies and fruits section in your market! While you should not dwell on guilt or deprivation, you should also have a good sense of optimism and renewal. Don’t let your body slow you down:

Boost your breakfast. We all know it’s the most important meal of the day. Yoghurt, porridge or cereal. Something that’ll kickstart your day. Simple as it may sound, a good healthy breakfast has a way of taking you far into the day and hopefully avoiding the late nighters!

Drink Lemon Water- If this is not already a routine for you, make this a daily ritual, start your day with lemon in water and like the rest of us, carry it on throughout the rest of the day when you can. This simple act gets your senses moving- perfect for fighting colds as it’s laden with Vitamin C, flush your digestive system and rehydrate your body, balance your PH level with its alkalising qualities, not to mention how refreshing it is!

  1. Refresh your skin.Your skin is one organ that cannot be hidden. If it’s not well taken care of, the bad news is that it will show. Combine your inner efforts with the outside. While one of the advantages of drinking lemon water is a fresher skin, additional care in your lotion or cream or the oils you use is extra important.

…and don’t look to clothes either to cover your neglect of your skin either. That’s not what they are for. We’re going for the total picture so do make the effort. Find what’s good for your skin type and invest in it whether it’s argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter or jojoba oil, all great moisturizers.

  1. Pick A Trend-The neon floral, bright colors, the cone heels, leggings with stirrups, shiny sneakers, the supersize blazer from the 80s… find one 2017 trend that brings out that glow in you and work it into your regular wardrobe to ‘amp’ up your style and refresh your office or overall personal style.

You may think you don’t really need it, but something new to your signature style when done right, can give you some much needed feeling of freshness!

5. Finally, keeping up appearances is not as bad as it’s made to sound! Resolve to give more care and attention to your hair, makeup and outfit no matter your mood. Too much for one person to do? then make sure you never drop below the 2/3 ratio- make sure to put your outfit (even if it’s as simple as a caftan and slippers) together neatly while combing and freshening up your hair anytime you feel like going makeup free. Same deal if your hair needs attention and you have it tied in a bun. Good clean makeup and outfit will take away any attention from your crown.

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