”Gurara Waterfalls is located in Gurara, a local government area of Niger State, North Central Nigeria. The waterfalls is approximately 30metres in height and it lies on the Gurara river along the Suleja-Minna Road.”      -Wikipedia.com

It was a 3 hour trip from our meeting spot at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja to the popular Gurara falls in Niger state. A first time for all of us in a party of 5 families, we had high hopes for this tourist destination right in our ‘backyard’ yet never visited by us . From the gate, we were asked to pay some entry fee for the group and then shown where to park our cars.

A few of the local ‘guides’ who had been prearranged to provide the help and guidiance needed, showed up and took up all the food and drinks we had packed for the day, going ahead to our picnic spot. Off we went, down a slope and then up again, across a little plain patch of land and then down a steep stony edge of the hill to the water bank. The climb down this hill while steep, was made easier by the part stony,part grassy floor which looked a lot like steps- was it made this way by kind mother nature herself or by the locals? was the first of many questions asked on this trip.

At the foot of the hill was a vast spread of rocks and sand, this was also the bank of the Gurara river that tumbled off the falls far off. We found a shady spot to settle down and took a head count. All the kids and adults present, everyone set out to eat, change clothing and take photos. The kids played around the rocks in the water and  went swimming in the shallow end, while we decided to take another walk, almost a kilometre, down the rocky bank to the waterfall.

This of course was the highlight of the trip! The cascading water, falling all the way from the very top, over layers of rocks down to the bottom was an awesome sight, almost exhilirating!

If you ever make it there, there’s really no way you should leave if you haven’t made it to the waterfalls, and if you are brave enough, let the water run over your face… or at least let it splash over you!

You have to be a certified swimmer to take a dive and with this group, none of us was ready to test that- besides the guides adviced strongly against it, stating some beliefs and rules- That was good enough for us as we were none the ready for the dive anyways. We were fine swimming at the calm end of the river where the rest of the group was.

A dried out forest vegetation – So, because of the season, covered the other side of the river and trailed it down as far as we could see without the rocks. The entire area was quiet with only the sound of rushing water from the waterfall breaking the silence- well, along with the calm voice of  Justin Bieber from the inch sized speakers we carried along with us.

Hours, and one babequed goat later, we began our return, up the steep hill- now tired, it took forever to get to the top of the hill, back to the cars and while the guides were paid off, we all took one last look and some memorable photos of our chosen tourist destination for the Christmas holidays!

Where is your favourite Christmas destination this year? send us an email and tell us about it!

Till then, A very Merry Christmas to you our ever faithful and awesome stylistas!


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