So this is one of the places we were at last weekend. SBM partnered with The Exchange, a GOALA (Girls Of All Ages) Non- profit initiative by Roli Ukwu, directed at putting the right kind of ‘spotlight’ on the Nigerian, African woman through creative means, whether it’s in aid, education, politics etc.

This event was one of such ‘creative means’,  a debate organised to find out from Nigerians themselves, what they thought about the subject indirectly also drawing attention to the conversation. This riverting and captivating debate not only showed off in words, but body language as well, if our awesome Nation, Nigeria is ready for a female president.

I had my personal opinions of course but there were select ‘debaters’ who stood for and against each motion and for everyone who attended and registered for this event, there were boxes to vote in their personal opinion.

I followed the heated arguements both on stage and off stage, those who had the opportunity to give their opinions- and it came down to this for me: There were those people who didn’t understand the topic of the arguement…well, maybe they did but chose to ignore it and give it their own interpretations, so they came out arguing that ‘…of course a woman can rule Nigeria!’  and were horrified that other women would imagine otherwise!

Then there were those who argued that if certain things could only be set, removed or put in place, yes, a woman could be the Commander-in-Chief. Naming a few (appointed) women in government who made a difference in their time/tenure, they argued that we had women capable of ruling this great nation  if women would realize their potentials, get up, unite and push their candidate ahead.

Finally, those arguing against, who in my opinion given the two arguements above, didn’t need to say much at all. The fact that others above begun their statement with ”If we could…” or “If only women would…” just went to show using future tenses meant the country was not ready now.

I obviously agreed with the latter, along with 40% of the people there. It’s uncanny that the votes counted before the debate began and after it was over was exactly the same- split votes as 40% said No, 40% said Yes and 20% was undecided. Goes to show as we saw in the last US elections that most people usually make up their minds long before. The only people you may manage to sway are the ‘maybes’ .

All in all, an interesting evening and debate. Can’t wait for the next one!


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  • I personally had a great time at the event. It was very insightful and thought provoking……and of course SBM was live!