As seen in the photos,  I was at the Fashion For Charity Art and Fashion show. I really did appreciate the fact that, let’s be honest, in a country that’s going through a recession and with a people who presently are more in the mood to gather for themselves and their families especially given the celebratory holiday season upon us, in spite of all of this, an event to celebrate others and to give to charity was so successful!

There were members of the diplomatic community there, from organizations to embassies, there were also fashion brands who gave up pieces of their collection to be auctioned for the IDPs, the Internally Displaced People, called so because they are refugees in their own country, displaced by the insurgency of the terrorist organisation, Boko Haram.

These dejected and neglected families have recieved not enough attention and the Fashion for Charity Organization put this show together not only to help and contribute to their livelihood,  but to organize their participation through the organization’s designer, Jeffrey Bendt.

A successful night for charity and of course, fun too.


Photos: rroknom Photography

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