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Black Friday Beauty: 5 Easy Products to Buy in Bulk!

The chaos usually associated with Black Friday shopping is enough to make anyone want to skip the shopping fray in favor of a prolonged, relaxing beauty indulgence-  a long and I mean long massage treatment! Shoprite Stores Abuja announced an 8am – about 6pm black friday sales and amateurs like us were there by 12 noon to find everything on the list gone. Had to leave the store empty handed as even picking up a bottle of my favourite Vitamin water would have amounted to spending another 2 hours on the check out line! Not today! Better to prepare next year!


But with many stores holding sales, why not use the day as an opportunity to upgrade your vanity with a stockpile of cultish products?


Plushy piles of skin-enhancing cleansers seem less extravagant and more essential when available for a one-day-only discount. I mean if you are one who takes her cleansing routine seriously, why not look out for those brands of Face Cleansers you’ve had your eye on for a while now… or stock up on your usual brand while the prices are lowered?


A lot of us long for Hair products that will help our case for soft and non-flaky hair especially in this season. Well, what are you waiting for? Natural hair addicts can go shop all they need now, knowing that on a good day, your products would and do cost an arm and a leg!


Good organic Shampoos  that do the work without tears and  Conditioners that are every girls dream, purchased in bulk in honor of the cut-rate occasion will do you a world of good!


Love Scented Candles?


Those long lasting, heavenly scented bottles of candles that you’ve got your eyes on could not be calling any louder as you saunter down the isles today! which—if you’re lucky, swift, and tenacious—will perfume your home with pockets of woodsy fragrance all Christmas long. A brilliant idea right?

active-protection-lip-balm-pink-grapefruit-spf30-openAs for The Lip Balm ?The Harmattan season is almost upon us.  One for your bag, one for the bedside, and one for good measure! Let’s not leave out those friends who always peer into your bag for what’s new and those sistas who force you into an early Christmas-sy giving mood, now you have one for everyone!


Here, 5 easy sought-after beauty products to buy in bulk today as is Black Friday. Now you know, don’t hold up!


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