If you asked around, you’d find that women who turn 40 feel so expectant! There’s so much being said about that landmark that it’s hard not to be. While some of us wonder if we will begin to see the signs of menopause immediately or if it will take a bit longer, others wonder if certain parts of their bodies will begin to head south if that was not already the case!

There are others however who revel in the freedom it gives them- perhaps freedom in their minds, freedom to make choices without enduring the flawed effects of public opinion only because they refuse to dwell on them. You notice how when you begin to enjoy life for yourself, your wellbeing moves much higher on your list- but girl,  if it hasn’t then it should!


In all these, headlines tell us 40 is the new 20, but we respectfully disagree. Women in their 40s are sexy, self-assured, and at the top of their game. Why go back? All she needs is a way to add on the years gracefully without looking older than she is or more importantly, than she wants to be.

One of the most important and defining features of the chic in her 40s, is her hair, the beauty of all women. You may have noticed that women decide to change their hair styles usually after 40 as they take the second lap of this journey called life. A lot may decide to grow it even longer while most cut it short. Why do most women prefer short hair though? A short haircut, for instance, highlights high cheek bones. Short hair does have a way of accentuating those attractive features on the face and neck areas that may have been hidden by years of extensions or weaves- the eyes, neck, even chin and shape of face.

”Most older women…look younger with shorter hair. It gives an innocent and modern look that uplifts the aged face, whereas long hair drags it down,” argues StyleList reader Keli. “Every woman with long hair that I’ve seen would look much better with a short cut.”

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or just want to keep your hair long and lush, check out our favorite flattering cuts.

To cut or not to cut after 40?

New York salon owner and stylist Mark Garrison says that technology and a different kind of lifestyle won’t have you aging your like your grandmother did — and along with that, your hair will most likely age very differently as well.  “Conscientious women take so much better care of themselves these days with diet and exercise, that they reflect a youthful appearance. With a youthful appearance, a younger style can be worn if the hair is healthy and doesn’t look fried and over-chemically processed.”… Not too much of a problem for the recently growing percentage of black women who grow their hair naturally.

The time to cut hair doesn’t depend on your age, but rather the health of your hair, agrees San Diego salon owner and stylist Jet Rhys. Some very young women with ultra-fine and brittle hair won’t be flattered by long cuts despite their youthful age, while other much older women with thick manes of carefully conditioned hair can look ravishing with longer locks. “Wear your hair, don’t let it wear you!” urges Rhys, “Age shouldn’t be a factor, it has more to do with lifestyle,” adds Rhys.


Bangs give the illusion of fuller volume at the roots (no back-combing required!) and draw attention to your eyes.

Michelle Obama sports a classic but sassy and no-nonsense but appealing cut that falls a few inches below the nape of the neck. This look is good for professional women.To get this look, make your edges blunt and stacked in layers.

…good also if your hair has the weight to carry the layers.


The Blunt Lob, I guess it’s called that because of the blunt edges as opposed to the curves of a classic bob. The slight asymmetry, length, and healthy, blunt ends all help, too. Don’t be afraid to tuck your hair behind your ear and make it look asymmetric. It softens your collarbone and emphasizes your décolletage.

Cropped in the back and slightly longer toward the front, it’s essentially a bob-pixie hybrid, and like in some of the other cuts we’ve already discussed, the asymmetry is the key to making it feel fresh and modern.


Jennifer Garner


“The Classic Shoulder-Length Cut is always in style,” says Urban. “It’s easy to maintain, and the styling options are endless.” A medium cut lets you transform from ponytail during the day to beautiful curls at night. And while Garner’s cut may look one length, there are subtle, long layers throughout to define the curls and give overall bounce.

Looking at all these styles, above and in the gallery, you can tell that there’s a variety of choices for you- black, white and in between;  whether you wish to cut your mane, or leave it out to grow… or maybe even go the mid- shoulder length, which actually is a favourite of ours.

Our honest opinion? 40 or 45, it’s not about what anybody thinks really, is it? it’s about how you feel about yourself. Many women are just tired of conforming to conventional style rules. They just want to be confortable in whatever they do- so while minding the tips that push you in the right direction of the choice you make, the final thoughts rest with you.

Any comments on this? let us know below.


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