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How To Wear Dark Lips Like A Pro!

The dark lips trend isn’t going away so easily, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner who seem to set trends for the young fashion lovers around our fashion world. Some people would say they hate it, some love the look and can’t be caught without it, and others would wear the look depending on how dark you could be talking.


For those who are ready to dip a cautious toe into this foreign pool, or for those who want to just dive in… or just those who have been doing it wrong-  you saw this hot burgundy color on Rihanna’s lips, went out and bought one of your own but the results were different? well, fret not because there are guidelines. The guidelines are important because no one wants to invest in a color or colors that make them look like ghosts!!!


  1. Know what shade will suit you best.

 For starters, “There are four undertones when talking about a color like burgundy: pink, brown, blue, and red,” explains Makeup expert from Cosmopolitan, Sandy Linter. Here’s how to figure out which one will look best on you: “If you’re light-eyed, pink-based burgundy colors will look amazing on you. This hue makes your eyes pop,

2. Always take the color for a test drive.


After you’ve swiped the color across the tissue in the store — and determined which shade is right for you — try it on, advises the experts. Bring a cotton swab with you and run it along the side of the lipstick where people usually don’t touch it. Then, apply the Q-tip to your lips to see if it brightens your face or makes you look tired. If it lights up your complexion, that’s the shade for you.


…or just try it on your lips with their testers.

3. Apply your lipstick carefully & delibrately.

We learn that one of the best ways to put on dark lipsticks is with a lip brush, dark shades can get messy quickly —even more so than red lip color — so you want to be sure you’re precisely putting it on. Once you’ve applied your lipstick with a lip brush, run your liner in a matching shade along the perimeter of your lips to give them a borderline. Best to always apply your lip liners after the lipstick to lock it in. Also, there’s nothing wrong with adding lip gloss over your  lip color to make it stand out more, but check it out before doing so. Maybe for a night outing, you could add on a bit of gloss. Remember though that swiping on gloss can make your otherwise matte lipstick look messy, and make the color bleed onto your skin, which isn’t a good look so if you’re set on adding gloss into the mix though, apply it only to the center of your lips.

  1. Wear it with confidence


Dark lips, no matter the undertone, is a statement and a strong one at that, so my advice is to wear it like you’re going to own the room becauseeveryone will be looking at you,” advises Sandy Linter.

-Moving on, how do you pick the color that’s right for you?


Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic — who happens to be Kim Kardashian’s right-hand makeup man — whipped  up a handful of looks based on skin tone for the fashion site, Refinery29.com. The first thing he did was completely shake up the idea of matching our makeup to our “tones.”:

“It’s what everyone thinks they should look for, but it’s only part of the equation,” he says. “When I pick a lipstick color, I take the entire look into account — the hair color, the brows, the skin tone, and even eye color. All these things will affect what color I pick.” So instead of just labeling yourself as some hard-to-read tone, Dedivanovic reminds us to take our entire face and hair into consideration. “It’s also so much about personal preference,” he adds:

Brown Hair + Medium Tone + Warm Undertones
According to Dedivanovic, medium-toned skins run the risk of looking a bit washed out with too-dark lipstick. So he opted for a plum hue that was neither too dark or too light. Plus, this combo is totally transitional. Dedivanovic suggests wearing just the matte for the day. “When you’re ready to transition to evening, just swipe on the gloss,” he says. There’s nothing we love more than a double-duty shade.


Photo: refinery29.com

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga, $27, available at NarsSurratt Beauty Lip Lustre in Trés Chic, $32, available at Barneys New York

Dark Hair + Dark Eyes + Cool Undertones
Dark lipsticks have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Long heralded as only for goth kids or Rihanna, Dedivanovic assures us that dark lipsticks are totally wearable. You just have to know what you’re doing. For this model wearing black was chosen because she has got very dark eyes, dark hair, and good brows- he explained. Add those things together, and you’ve got a fabulous foundation for the darkest lips out there.Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Fill in your brows and add a slight swipe of mascara — you’ve made black lipstick insanely wearable.


Photo: refinery29.com

MDM Flow Lipstick in Di La La, $26.70, available at MDM Flow.

Dark Hair + Light Eyes + Warm Undertones
Dedivanovic says you have Kylie Jenner to thank for the sudden uptick in reddish-brown hues. “Since she’s been wearing them, everyone seems to want to wear them,” he explains. “But it looks particularly good with these tones. It warms up the skin and looks monochromatic.” “If you’re looking for a brown to dip your toes into the dark lipstick family, this is it.”


Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993, $22, Urban Decay. Photo: refinery29.com

Plus, according to Dedivanovic, matte textures are easier to maintain with this shade. “They don’t move a whole lot and they can look dramatic or natural,” he says. So even though the shade is dark, it’s not necessarily as shocking and in-your-face.

Dark Hair + Deep Skin + Warm Undertones

The beauty of deeper skin tones is that they can handle the truly dark, chocolate browns that are so major lately. “It’s also really flattering with dark hair,” Dedivanovic says,


Photo: refinery29.com

He opted for a semi-gloss texture on the lips, but assures us you can wear this color in just about any texture. For this shade, he painted on a matte brown lipstick as a base. To add the texture, he then added Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Black Cherry. “You could also use a clear gloss, but this deepens the color,” Dedivanovic says.

For a dark shade like this, he stresses the importance of balancing the skin texture with the lipstick texture. “I used a glossy sheen for the chocolate, so the skin shouldn’t be dewy,” he said. Same goes for matte. If you use a matte shade, make sure to add some luminosity to your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Birkin Brown, $32, available at Charlotte TilburyAnastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Black Cherry, $16, available at Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Deep plums, berries and reds look fantastic and more naturally flattering for deeper skin tones.

Light Hair + Light Eyes + Cool Undertones
For a  model that also has green eyes, the deep brick color stands in gorgeous contrast to that. “The red gives a pop of color without much makeup on the face,” he says.Plus, it’s the perfect red alternative for ladies on the pale side, since brighter shades can be overwhelming.


Dark Hair + Olive Skin + Warm Undertones
Dedivanovic advises this red shade even though it may look like Red isn’t typically considered a dark, but Dedivanovic says to think outside the box.

“It is a dark,” he urged. Since it’s not an orange-red, it does tend to swing into darker territory. And it’s particularly great for this particular skin tone. “These tones tend to have darkness around the eyes and mouth,” he says. “This color helps to brighten it.”


He used Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella to achieve the shade. “It’s polished and easy,” he says. “It’s more wearable than an orange-red and it’s more flattering.”

What he stresses most of all, though, is that dark is about what’s dark for you. Not everyone wants to or can pull off a deep purple. So if a deep crimson is more your speed, go for it.

It’s clear that dark can be red, brown, purple and other in betweens like burgundy, maoon, berries or plum. It just depends on these pointers given by Dedivanovic. And after all these pointers, There’s no way you’ll go wrong now, I guarantee you!

Do you have any more pointers to share? let us know below and don’t forget to subscribe for more.



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