World renowed fashion designer Maki Oh showed off her latest collection during the Hieneken LFDWeek at Alara, the African Inspired Concept Store in Lagos. Its a destination dedicated to art, fashion and design and owned by Reni Folawiyo. All the top names in fashion in the city, from fashion writers to designers turned up for this show/party.

The designer showed off her designs with her usual Adire fabric mixes, as tops, skirts and dresses. There were simple cut seperates – lace tops paired with blue pants, plain tees, chiffon skirts and tops in organza. An off white motif top was paired with loose luxe pants and skirts with shirts draped over by extra fabric.

Not her best collection we’ve seen but the seperates are wearable and can be easily matched. A collection that shows off wearable pieces is far from being on the wrong path.


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