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Hi Notes: 3 Fragrances You Need Now

A good fragrance is like a catchy signature- it stays with you for years! The best ones are ones you should keep for so long but sometimes, every now and then, you find a scent that speaks to you, that draws out a feeling in you that you love and want to last.  Whether you’ve got a signature scent  like Marilyn Monroe and her Chanel No. 5, or you like to play the field, constantly rotating from your entire fragrance wardrobe, with scent to suit your yearning vanity for every time and place, it’s good to find out the most important thing: What’s best for you.

With that being said, allow us to suggest to you the scents you should consider updating to your wardrobe for the following reasons: They’re awesome discoveries that have been reviewed by experts.

Finding a scent is a personal journey.We all know that, but allow us to go with you half the way with these three:

1-The Rag & Bone Bergamot Eau de Perfum

Reviewed by Harpers Bazaar’s 


What they say it smells like:Bergamot, ambroz, cashmere wood

What it actually smells like: My boyfriend’s sweater on a cold winter day.

Final take: Yum. It’s warm and masculine without veering too far into pine tree, smoke, or cheap cologne territory. This is a scent for hot men or women that like to smell like hot men all the time. I really wish smell-o-vision existed for you right now.

2YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum,

Reviewed By  of Harpers Bazaar


Pink perfumes that come in bow-wrapped bottles and are inspired by romantic cities tend to be indistinguishable from one another—a little sweet, a little fruity, bright, happy. Inoffensive, for the most part, but lacking any real depth. Scanning through the notes in YSL’s newest fragrance, Mon Paris, you might assume it’d be like all the others. After all, there are berries and citrus on top, pear and white flowers in the middle, and amber and patchouli at the base. But something’s different here. Perhaps it’s the Datura flower, a highly toxic and hallucinogenic plant historically used in witches’ brews, at the heart of it all, or the warm musks that erase any girliness (or that YSL is just synonymous with sex at this point). Whatever the X factor, when it all comes together, it’s like Paris—as in, you’re crazy if you don’t fall in love with it.

YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, $122, yslbeautyus.com.

3-Alexander McQueen McQueen Parfum For Her

Reviewed by  



Have any preferences from these three yet? Do let us know.