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Cover Post: Top 3 Sun Proof Foundations For The Nigerian Weather

You know how the most part of the country is really hot some months, rainy mid-year and then cool and dry at the end of the year? Unless you live in Jos, or any area of plateau state which is mostly cold and where it rains ice pellets and hail certain times of the year, the degrees there, can and do read all the way down to the teens-the rest of us, we deal with a lot of heat all year round!  Through all this, we still have to wear makeup when we go out, most especially foundation which when not well chosen, can be quite unkind to any hot facial skin surface, oily or dry! We can’t decide to avoid foundation altogether but we can tone down how often we wear one- if and when necessary, if not, loose or compact powder will do just as well partly also because our skin is actually at it’s oiliest at the hot seasons so that explains why most Nigerian women complain of having oily skin.

This means that your usual face cosmetics will probably not cut it when it comes to your oily pores. You will need a sweat-proof foundation for this hot, humid weather to combat the shine and oil.

We have learnt through use that not all the ‘big brands’ have what it takes to give us the foundation that can do the job of good coverage and skin protection, all without sliding off shyly after a few hours- and that’s why it’s important to do the research. Foundation is one of the most difficult of all makeup to shop for not just for oily skin but for dry and combination skin types also. You have to be sure that it’s good for your skin type, it has the right amount of sun proof composition, if you want a matte, dewy or creamy finish and if it’s the right color with undertone in tow especially for black skin.

There are of course many foundations out there, made specifically for your skin and the hot weather, but we narrowed them down mainly for varying costs and the different skin types:

The Milani CONCEAL+ PERFECT 2-in-1 Foundation +Concealer  – This one is definitely one of our Editor’s picks! The Milani medium to full coverage is a lightweight and oil free formula that actually wears for hours and is water and sweat proof!!! Good for combination to oily skin.


A little teardrop is enough for the whole face. One application is medium coverage, a second application gives full coverage and as a concealer, a little more dabs on the needed areas is fine. You won’t even remember you have anything on! No sweat breaks, no heaviness. Added to that, it not only saves you the extra cost of buying a concealer, but it’s also quite affordable, with cost between N4,000- N5000, so believe me when I say, it’s flying off the shelves for good reason!

milani-conceal_perfect-2-in-1-foundation-_-concealer-cheap-cosmetics-ikatehouse-pick6deals-ckh1486There are 14 shades of this face buddy so you should find your true tone although most say they usually have to combine two tones to find their perfect fit, but it’s affordable right?

MAC Cosmetics carries a variety of foundation, with a lot determined by skin type, usage and skin demands. The MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation however,  is one good for the hot weather. Better for combination to dry skin, this foundation can already provide a buildable natural coverage with just one application, and you can build it up to a fuller coverage if you want to just by adding another layer on your skin. The SPF 15 is an added bonus, although one will definitely go for a higher SPF in this warm tropical country but better this than nothing right?


Although a little can go a long way and MAC foundations can last you donkey foundation years, it’s  still quite pricey, setting you back as much as N18,000-N19,000. Another hitch you may dscover is that although the coverage is really good and light, You may not want to stay under the sun all day to test it’s ability to hold on endlessly. If you have dry skin, this may be good for you to ensure it stays on, you may need to use a good primer and finish with some good finishing powder also. There is a good range of tones so you should find yours easily.

In summary, for the perfect coverage in that indoor event, try this on for size!

Smashbox High Definition Healthy fx Foundation UVA 15, is another affordable and yet good foundation out there. They have one of the best primers we’ve seen so along with the high def foundation, you will be covered for hours  to come! This foundation offers time-released skin energizers and Vitamin C . It is a long wearing, hydrating foundation that is sweat-proof and oil free. It may be a bit too much for dry skin as it may be a bit too mattifying depending on your skin but perfect for combination to oily skin.


Another affordable brand retailing for about N5000- N7,000.

These three products are our suggestions to help you get through all of the harsh and hot days ahead!