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Introducing October: SBM’s First Cover

We’ve been around for a couple of years as Style By Molekor- a blog that began as a way for personal stylist, Molekor Adeyinka who was still fresh in the online community, to reach people who were and are still in need of not just fashion information and tips for themselves as individuals, but get information enough for them to accept their bodies as they are, enhancing it to look its best and therefore building confidence and preparing them for better opportunities in life. We are definitely still on that journey…

Style by Molekor - Copy

We have worked really hard behind the scenes and are still putting in our best in spite of the many obstacles that come off working on the internet space, with host companies, within the social media space and within the immedate Abuja environment; but we love that we have been able to build up our followership and partner with brands and companies in various ways. We are still building on a brand which we hope continues to grow in the industry and has the integrity and acceptability that  is eventually able to win the respect of everyone we come in contact with.

Moving on, we have so much more to offer, our introduction of the SBM cover with post  contents is one of them which we hope you all will love and see as a welcome addition to our growing style and fashion brand.  Do Check out our post contents from the cover in the following weeks…You will also see us rebrand with a newer and fresher logo- one ready to take us to the next level.  We also intend to partner and work with relative brands that are relevant to the stylish person, offering you more on shopping, health and lifestyle in ways that we all enjoy!


Our maiden cover is also an introduction to our partnership with an affiliate lipstick brand called Zamoux, a UK based lipstick brand making a solid entrance to the vast Nigerian market, beginning with Abuja. We covered the Abuja launch extensively which you can see Here. This month is also the ‘Orange Blossom’ month for the brand as they promote their collection of tangy orange lipsticks! Watch out for that post as we intend to give away a few of the brand’s gift packs through Hot FM, a local radio station for those who live in Abuja!


Check out on our subsequent monthly covers, interesting and current issues, brands and persons that you will not only find interesting and educating, but relational also. We cannot do it all without our stylish readers so we hope you keep coming back as we can’t help but be grateful for all we have and intend to achieve through you!

Have something to say about our cover? don’t be a stranger, let us know below in the comment box . Again, thank you stylistas!