Yes it definitely was. As a first timer to this yearly event, it was quite an experience. Lots of women from the government/public sector, business and religious arenas were all present to share their thoughts on how best to ‘Regroup, Reboot’ and well, ‘Remove the masks’- which was the topic for this forum.

We weren’t there for the fashion alone, we also needed to feed our minds as women with the same desire for the type of information shared and traded in an atmosphere so conducive, we almost were there the entire day! To find women who would share explicitly and with honesty, what this topic meant, was an achievement by the convener of this forum, Ms. Inimfon Etuk.


Inimfon Etuk

Every woman has a story, whether they tell it on stage or amongst each other and we need to keep doing so in order to hold each other up. There was banter about how possible it is for women to not only support each other but to speak well and promote one another and much as we listened to this without comment, we noticed that this forum was a careful and obvious reminder or should we call it evidence that from our vantage point, it’s not only possible but heart warming to watch and be a part of.

As a media partner to this 2016 forum, we were glad to be able to attend and give our unbiased opinion on our first attendance to this forum.


Photos: rroknom Photography

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