Zamoux Cosmetics, a makeup brand that manufactures 5 different ¬†groups of lipsticks in the UK is now in Nigeria. Owned by UK based entrepreneur, Ozioma Emelife, the brand partnered with the SBM team as well as NEXT Cash & Carry Stores, Abuja to formally launch it’s lipsticks in Nigeria, to Nigerians.

It was a girls’ day out for all the ladies who turned up to discover their match from the 40 different shades the brand has. Everyone who tried them out were able to mix and match their colors, a rare opportunity for most women as usually, we just get to test over the counter with only a few minutes ¬†to pick a color to buy. This time, everyone who stopped by was exposed to the 40 different colors and expert make up artists to test them on and make recommendations, all done over glasses of Pinacoladas, Sunsets and Blue Hawaii drinks, really, what could be better than that on a Saturday afternoon??

The colors were written down on post it notes for them to pick out their colors over the counter or perhaps for those who could’t wait on line, come back later to pick them up.

All the ranges- Rouge (reds), Blossoms (Orange), Natural Nudes (a wide range of nude shades), Luscious Pinks and Earthy Tones ( a range of rich earthy shades like wine, mauve, berry and the all popular best seller, the rich Plum Cherry).

Now if you do not own any of the Zamoux shades, especially the Plum Cherry, then you really should find a way to get one from NEXT Stores or from one of the dealers because it’s just not a fair deal to miss out on any of these rich, long lasting, mositurizing lip colors.

The Company is set to make it’s presence known in various cities in the country,Next Stop, Calabar!

Above are photos from the launch (Click on photos)

Find out more about the brand:

Instagram:, @zamoux_cosmetics_

Facebook: Zamoux Cosmetics


Photos: rroknom photography

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