Is bizzare really the word we’re looking for? what do you call a fashion show that uses suits as straight jackets or zippered jumpsuits? The word wench appearing at the cuff of hooded blazers, on button-downs that were fashioned into sexy halter-neck tops and backless blouses? or suit cut off the shoulder with corsetry underneath—executive masochism?

Designer Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air not only stocked his front row with the likes of Jayden Smith and, but also kept them entertained as the place to be with his collection. Hair soaked in something that looked like Vaseline or the other, eclectic sunnies and double sided shoes,Oliver teamed with PornHub, perhaps one of the world’s most trafficked porn websites,  for this collection and it wasn’t hard to see the innuendos that could come out of that partnership in the styling of the model’s hair, the chains and leather.

With a collection like this, and the world we live in, Oliver can be assured that he will not be forgotten or ridden over by the likes of Kanye West and other artists who also have discovered their talents if we can call it that, in this industry.

Here are a few of his runway looks…



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