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Interview: India Rochelle Is Bringing Out the ‘Queen’ In Young Women Everywhere!

India Rochelle is a Best Selling Author, Huffington Post Writer, Web Designer, Celebrity Social Media Manager, and the Creator of #BelieveInOurQueens! #BIOQ is social media campaign geared towards inspiring Young Queens between the ages of 7-17 years. The purpose is for young girls to find more positive and uplifting content online by inspiring more girls to believe in our girls.


India Rochelle

India’s life goal is to inspire, uplift, and teach girls everywhere how to ascend into their Power. Her most recent work is her Non-fiction Best Seller, “A Fearless Guide to Manifesting, Launching, & Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship” and her first sequel from her exclusive Fiction book series, “Zaria: An Ascending Short Story.”

We were both called upon by the Phenomenal African Women Group, a group that celebrates African women everywhere for their work and ideologies and we had to interview her too:

  1. What exactly would you like people to know about the young ladies you work with? 

The young ladies that I work with are achievers, leaders, and precious as ever if anything! They want sisterhood to be real and with the #BelieveInOurQueens campaign they can virtually see the encouragement from women around the world. These ladies are eager to lend their ear to listen and even quicker to stand up for what they believe in.
2. You are at your best when… 

I’m at my best when I’m writing. The thrill of having an entire story or concept in my head and then pouring it all on paper sparks internal creativity for me. While writing a story line, I often get the best ideas for my next book, upcoming webinar, or web design. Reading and writing have always been an inspiration towards my path to success.


3. How can a person become more confident in themselves? 

Remember that you are unique, special, and irreplaceable to everyone’s life you touch. Your thoughts, your body, your energy can’t be duplicated. Knowing that you presence makes a difference should empower anyone to feel confident at whatever they do.

4. What’s the One fashion item you can’t do without?  

I can’t do without my jewelry. It makes every outfit I have pop out and with my short haircut it brings out all my facial features.

  1. My current trend love is… 

I love Bohemian everything! The style is comfortable and so relaxed. I feel like I can wear the style anywhere.


6. You’d never catch me wearing…

A long sleeve turtle neck. My mom would force me to where them when I was a kid and I’d absolutely hate the way they snugged around my neck.

7. Tailored & tight or loungy and loose? 

Loungy and loose. No way I could even breathe with tailored & tight.
8. When I’m stressed out I… 

I read Law of Attraction books when I’m stressed out. I feel like if there’s a problem in my life, the only way to get through it is to find out how I attracted the issue and removing it. I create a new vision board and set new goals to achieve. 

  1. Every woman’s wardrobe should have… 

Plenty of scarves! Not just for a fashion statement but for convenience. Especially for bad hair days.
10. What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am most excited about my new partnership. I am currently working side by side with celebrity branding specialist, Jeanine Smith on our new full service marketing and social media boutique, The Branding Babes. With us both combining social media and branding we offer help to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and those who need help with start up to launch their business the right way. 


India is called upon for her optimistic outlook on life, business, and the universe. She resides in Coal Mountain, Georgia with her two children and fiancé. She enjoys writing, networking, and spending time with her family. You can almost always find her on social media networking with teenage girls & entrepreneurs all over the world.