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Amazing Travel: The Dutch Town With Streets Of Water!

How is it that while people are busy building streets with as much as 12 lanes, some places in the world are just content to have theirs the way it was created? sometimes the most beautiful and most serene places to holiday in may not be so obvious, as seen in this beautiful picturesque but tiny town of Giethoorn in northern Holland that has streets made of water! imagine the driveway not with cars, but with boats. How awesome is that?!


Known popularly as the “Venice of the North”, Giethoorn was founded by fugitives from the Mediterranean region in around AD 1230. Giethoorn was a separate municipality until 1973, when it became part of nothern Holland. This is one beautiful town to belong to.

5762947988_113a86127aThis  dreamy  neighborhood that’s built upon a network of narrow canals is what makes up the town of Giethoorn. With a population of only 2,600 and very little tourism, Giethoorn is the kind of tranquil village most people can only dream of.  It’s even said that the place is so remote that even the postman reportedly delivers mail by punt (a flat-bottomed, square-cut boat), it is also fairly accessible by car from Amsterdam, what ‘fairly’ means, you may only find out when you have to park outside the village when you arrive and are checked into your Bed & Breakfast!- no high rise hotels here!


They say that “the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.”


…wouldn’t we love to find out! … or maybe just drink in the photos, close our eyes, and imagine ourselves going out for breakfast in a romantic boat, under the soft rays of the early morning sun.