Yes, there was music and there also were brushes- lots of them, but mostly there was makeup everywhere! my favorite place to be, The Annual Abuja Makeup Fair 2016 which was last Saturday 20th August. Not as much make up artists ready to give free tryouts as in previous fairs,however, that was quite a bummer,  but this is usually where I get to update my makeup kit sometimes for the year because I get to see so many brands all in one place in competitive prices and with great discounts so go figure!

I’d run out of foundation, powder and concealer and so I went out looking for one good for my skin and to match my tone. I didn’t really have a brand in mind so after one trial (I did mention that there weren’t many makeup artistes ready to give free tryouts) I was sold on the Milani foundation and powder and also got a shadow brush as a bonus . I got a bronzer too and an eyebrow pencil.

There was a lot to take in but one thing I should have got? the blending sponge. Needed that. Anyways, here’s what I shopped:



See above photos from the event, courtesy Cognito Studios.

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