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8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own (Time To Pick Up Your Pen & Paper)

Ladies, what do you see everytime you look into your shoe closet? A pile of shoes but still suffer from indecision on what to wear, to where and for what? Well, that could possibly be because you may have shopped for shoes you don’t need and left out those shoes you really need.

Having a pair of 8 inch platforms in 6 different colors doesn’t count for catering to your needs and 15 pairs of flats doesn’t count either. It’s ok to have 15 pairs of flats if you have all these 8 pairs in good measure though, that’s why you need to know what they are:

Pointed Pumps-


Manolo Blahnik

Nothing says chic, classy and ladylike like the pointy toe pumps. Pumps are a must have for every woman.They may not be the most comfortable type of shoes to own, but they are feminine and best for putting a look together.

Ankle Strap Sandals

ankle strap sandalsMy-steve-marden

I always say, they go with just about everything and for almost every occasion! from red carpet to board meetings. Add this- they are comfortable and make the legs look as cute and feminine as you can imagine.

Ankle Boots-

ankle boots

There comes a time, when all you want to do is show off your edgy side…

womens-shoes-ankle bots

… or wear heels to cover up your ankles but not your legs- that’s what ankle boots do. This look is good for skirts and jeans- hip and young.



These mens inspired shoes gives a whole new look to your dressing. Instead of the ballet flats, dress up your casual look with luxe loafers and lace ups.

Metallic Heels-

metallic shoes

These are awsome for evenings out and these days even day time can share in the fun too.

Casual Sneakers-Since the advent of the athleisure trend, the sneakers have been redefined in the fashion world- taken out of the tracks and courts, out of the gyms and into everyday looks.


The move in the trendy woman’s wardrobe from the gym bag to the dress up zone means that we can wear the comfortable sneakers (an oxymoron, we daresay,) with almost anything and I mean anything! Take a suit or take palazzos, you just have to know how to pull it off!!

Flat Sandals-  


The summer and tropical woman’s friend, ever ready to serve with anything from cut offs to maxis.

All weather boots-


If you live in the cold areas, these are essential for fall through winter. Stylish and yet all the time appropriate.

So the next time you go out looking for shoes to shop for, why don’t you first take a look at which of these you do not have and start there?

Thank us later 🙂



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