So he claims. Pop up stores by Kanye West launched in 21 different The Life of Pablo pop-up shops all around the world last weekend, one in Africa (South Africa), the US, Europe and Asia. One of them was in New York and we logged on to see what Johnathan Evans and his team from who were there, had to say about the experience:

‘Here’s what you can expect to see if you make it by the space: T-shirts in either black or white and in both long- and short-sleeve varieties, all of which are entirely new. There’s also an assortment of outerwear, plus hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts, and even a pair of “New York”-emblazoned hats. It’s all done up (of course) in the same graphic, gothic style we all recognize from earlierTLOP merch.’


The stores which were taken down Sunday sold Tee shirts and other wears that ranged between $55-$110 and perhaps even more. The stores were plain, with the items hanging openly. There was a door man who handed out clothing menus to each new customer, who would then note the quantity and size of each item they wanted to purchase.


Inside the Kanye West store in Northbrook Court, US., you were greeted with little. A wall that read “Chicago,” in Nemek Gothic font, the kind you used to see in old restaurants that thought they were fancy. Speakers played Kanye’s latest album, “The Life of Pablo,” on a loop. White walls, two mirrors, five racks of clothing. Only five racks. A sign read: “Do not remove the items from the racks.” Also: “No Refunds.” Also: “All Sales Final.”

So much for customer relations.

Hoodies ($105), hats ($45), military jackets ($325), black satin jackets ($250). Coats had “Pablo” cascading down the backs in gold script. Shirts read (in Nemek Gothic): “I Feel Like Pablo.” Hoodies read: “Any rumor you ever hear about me is true n’ legendary.”

Most spent these outrageous amounts of money on jackets and such not to wear but to resell later.



Makes sense, but I guess that’s why artistes have fans- only a fan would queue for 3 hours to buy a tee shirt, not made from any special fabric, just made by Kanye West engraved in gothic print.


So why do we do this? why do we give music stars the encouragement to print words on a tee shirt and sell them for $55, that’s about N20,000 Naira? but then again our opinions don’t matter if they get queues circling around city blocks and malls! I’m sure they were wise enough to know that that pop up store would not have been such a fantastic idea in the Nigerian shores though. But I guess there’s something to be said about the tenacity of fans!






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