Givenchy’s Antigona, the Faye bag by Chloe, Celine’s Edge bag, the Trapeze,Blade Python bag and the Phantom luggage tote, The Hermes Birkin (of course), Coach,Saint Laurent, Chanel 2.55… the list goes on. This is not the collection in a designer store, this is from the closet of celebrity Chrissy Tiegen!

I wondered what the noise about her bags were until I began to take notice and look at pictures and then as a bag lover, I made friends with her (in my mind)! See what we mean when we talk about being stylish? when you can afford it, it’s so chic to be able to carry about designer bags of all sizes (and I do mean all sizes!) even when you’re walking the dog in your denim cut offs!


Chrissy Teigen seen at LAX

With all the designer names crammed up in that bag closet of hers, and with the way she styles them, yes, we should be making a big deal about (my friend) Chrissy Tiegen’s bag collection!

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