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7 Fresh Ideas To make You Look Even More Chic & Put- Together!

When you’re under 30, maybe a few years into your 30s, you could throw on almost anything halfway out the door and it won’t matter because your youthful looks will make up for the rest! your hair still bounces, your skin glows from a mile away, your face needs little or no make up ( which is why for the life of me I cannot understand why a lot of teenagers and women in their 20s these days make up to look like they are already in their 30s or 40s!) because there are no under eye bags to hide, no skin discolorations, just fresh bushy eyebrows and lashes, fresh cheeks and lips! your body shows off fresh curves and you shop underwear because you fancy them not for the work you expect them to actually do behind the scenes!

When you start to clock 36 years and above, however,  it becomes clear  that to be taken seriously and to be seen as the chic and well put together woman you desire, it takes a little extra effort. The amount of effort depends on you really, so before you go running off with fears of how much money you may need to dish out or how much more time you may need to spend getting ready, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s easier and cheaper than you would ever think!

Here are 7 ways to get started:

  1. Find Your Go-To Beauty Routine: A combo that suits your everyday look is good to find and stick to. The right eyes- mascara, brown smokey, black smokey all depend on you.-font-b-Makeup-b-font-Sets-7pcs-Maquiagem-Lipstick-Batom-Blusher-Brow-font-b-Powder Same with your lips, pick the right eyes to match your lips- bold lips  with calm eyes and vice versa. Don’t want to appear made up? fill in your eyebrows and shape them, put on good foundation, some mascara by choice and gloss.

2. Bold Lips: For years this has ben a secret tool for the confident woman. Bold lips give an effect that is hard to define. People just see you and take you seriously…red lips

Especially when it’s red. Go diverse with any other color but save your red for those timely moments and events.

3. Practise Good Posture When You’re Out– Be natural but naturally practised. Find the right posture for you when you are out and practise till you’re a pro.Margot-Robbie “You don’t need to be erect and stiff to be taken seriously,” says image coach Patti Wood. “Stand with your feet 4-6 inches apart, then imagine a balloon tied to the top of your head pulling everything up ever so slightly.”

4. Have A Good & Manageable Mani & Pedi Routine- Nothing spells laziness like nails badly cut or chipped. Take the time out to fix your nails. Be like me, have a home kit you can use once every two weeks.


If you are constantly working with your hands and have your nails chipping easily, keep them free of polish but clean and well cut.

5. Wear A Scent 24/7- Yes, do.  I’m sure you know people like that, who always have a nice scent no matter when or where you meet them even if they’re in a tee shirt and jeans. S116207_LARGEAnother way to get this effect is to use the body wash, cream and other products that come with your perfume. That way, even your beddings will be sure to pick up the scent with time.

6. Practise The 2/3 Rule- This I just found out! Your total look comes down to your face, your hair and your outfit right? well, this ‘rule’ according to gurl.com, says that if one of them is off, put in the extra effort for the other two. Calgary_Fashion_Blog-Fashion_Tip-How_to_wear_overalls-tomboy-Overalls-Ways_to_Wear_Overalls-Classy_fashion-Evening_Look-Spring_Fashion-Womens_Wearable_fashion-4You have a bad hair day? pack it up and make sure your makeup and clothes are on point. Not in the mood for makeup? or want to keep it on the down low?  make sure your hair is at its best and your outfit, tip top. Running errands in leggings and a sweater or shirt? go the extra mile to make your hair and makeup look good.

7. Less Is More- Always. Unless when more is more and at those times, you’ll know. Find your style and stick to it but make sure when you put a look together you don’t go overboard. Jewelry is best when kept at its minimum. When you put your clothes together make sure the patterns, colors, styles, proportions, and fabrics in the outfit are in harmony.

less is more

Does the outfit confuse you? or overpower you? Are there too many accessories or contrasting colors? these are questions worth asking yourself and answering before wearing them or stepping out with them. Most times, you’ll know when an outfit is out of balance because you feel something is out of place. If you’re going for an item that is intentionally larger, make sure to balance it with a slimmer piece. Like a slouchy shirt, top or sweater with black leggings. If you want to go loungy and loose all through, be careful and make sure they look loose not oversized- there’s a difference.

Take into consideration where you’re going. Is your outfit giving off the right vibes to the people you’re going to be interacting with all day? if it’s a yes, then go on and make the most of the day. If no, switch the piece that might be out of place in your outfit.

8. Build A Capsule Wardrobe– A capsule wardrobe has the different classic pieces one needs to put various looks together- A good black jacket, a good fitting pair of black pants, Striped shirts, good jeans, a black dress, etc. You can mix and match the various colors and looks with about 30-50 different pieces that fit your lifestyle and personality . This may take you some time to build but it’s really worth it and keeps you from spending hours looking for what to wear and how to match them.


Capsule wardrobe

*Contact us if you live in Abuja for help on how to put this together. 

9. Take good care of your Skin, Nails and Hair- You don’t need expensive products- coconut oils for your hair, a good moisturizing skin care product, washing your face at night and moisturizing too. Brush and style your hair always,speak to your stylist to give you a look or a cut that’s easy to style everyday, and hygiene, oral hygiene is important, wear clothing that fits, is clean and in good shape, You don’t have to go all out to look put together. Just wear clothing for your body type and make sure they are not wrinkled, put on a decent pair of shoes. Keep everything neat.


Finally, because your clothes speak before you do, make sure you’re putting off the message you want others to hear.  First impressions are everything, and it only takes an instant before one is formed. Give the impression you want. Whether you like it or not, people are going to judge you so you might as well make it the judgment you want!

Want to be that woman who wears big sunglasses, carries the IT bags and (almost) never has a hair out of place? then you can start with these few tips and take it from there.



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