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5 Beauty Secrets You Should Stick To This Year

We are always putting out our out ears for any new tips or beauty secrets that will get us looking and feeling good and 10 or more years younger! Almost everyone including the celebrities we know and love, have found one routine or the other that¬†¬†best produces the results they want but how about the newbies? those who don’t know where to start from and need some pointers?

Here, we give you 5 pointers that will guide you on this lifelong path to becoming the epitome of beauty you were created to be:

1- Exercise is still the the best beauty treatment especially for good and healthy skin. Add a good healthy diet and you don’t need to do much more. Look out for the atlethes at the Rio olympic games- how many have bad looking skin? hint! hint!



2-If the product’s french, buy it! La Roche, Bioderma, Avene, Clarins, Clarins, Yves Rocher, keep ’em coming! They seem to have perfected the art of making effective skin care products. Looking for a good product? you might want to explore those made in France.


3- French is good but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match your skin care products or brands. Just watch out for certain actives which should not be duplicated like Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy acids or Vitamin C.


4- Go the whole way. Short cuts for anything always end up badly for anyone, they usually come at a price- gel nails, quick fix lashes, hair etc. They eventually leave your parts weak or damaged. Same for creams- the more immediate and dramatic the results, the more damaging it is for your skin avoid them or do not use them as a long term regimen.


5-The secret to using blushers is out! It adds much needed color to the face and gives such a transformative effect! learn to use it and try to use some as often as possible and notice how your face always seems to look happy, friendly and inviting.


What other secrets did we leave out or would you like to share? go ahead and share them below.


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