Four designers, an art gallery and 3 fun filled evenings with music as a delectable side dish, served up to a group of eager guests- is what pretty much summed up last weekend’s event at the Thought Pyramid.

An event that has been penned down as one of those rare places where you find art and fashion working hand in hand to entertain and invite creative minds this part of the country. Not only was this a way to marry art which is never too far away from fashion anyways, it was also created to encourage business relationships, networking and all that comes with it. With the trending hashtag #artnightout all over instagram and twitter, Lily Okorokwo, the organizer and convener of the 3 day event had her hands full!


Why 4 designers? because they chose to handpick a few designers whose work would form perfect harmony with the art expressions already in the rooms and while designers like Ahlam Bashir talked to the crowd about her Ready to wear pieces and her brand in general, we took in the distictive and ethnic flavour of the artworks in the room.

My verdict? I should have tried to make it through the 3 days. Choosing to visit on the second day and the second day only, I felt like I had eaten the garnishing on the stick of a kebab, missing out on the meaty parts but knowing I had a pretty important part of the entire dish… but you all know it’s really about the meat right?

Looking forward to the next one Lily. Maybe we can make it up…


Photos: rroknom Photography


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