It’s not unusual for the ex-students of a school to get together to raise money for their alumni. There’s usually a fund raising party or ceremony where everyone chips in to reach their target number.

I must hand it to my girls of the Federal Government Girls College Onitsha, Abuja based alumni,however, for coming up with strategic and fun ideas to raise money for our projects. Among them was a makeup class meet-up which happened last saturday.

There were three breakout classes of makeup artists- Sonia Beau Makeovers, D’Cherry Makeovers and LeVick Concepts, ┬áto cater for the number of eager learners made up of old school girls and their friends. The makeup artists had their hands full teaching us how to apply makeup for work, big events like weddings or shoots and then the biggie- what every Nigerian woman wishes she could do skillfully in seconds- tying the ‘gele’ (African headtie).

I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at that yet, not even close, but when it comes to contouring and highlighting, I’ll definitely give a few (just a few…) makeup artists a run for their money!

So good one there for the excos who put it together, looking forward to more!

Here are some of the pictures to show off the morning event.



Photos: Loretta Epuechi Photography

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