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What Wearing Heels Does To Your Health

Many women have been wearing heels for at least 10 years of their adult lives. There’s little that’s as feel-good as being literally elevated everytime you are dressed to step out. Every stylish woman knows that, and I always advise that every woman find their preferred height of heels to step up to, every woman should own them, wear them and love them- especially for those days when your ‘Lady Boss’ status needs an update!

….But, studies have found the foot fashion can lead to back and knee pain, bunion pain, athritis on the knees and more.

US Paediatrist Dr. Scheiber, advises that although these ailments above may be associated with wearing heels, heels have come to stay. There is however, a solution to this and although I have since practised this suggestion below, I know that there are women who decide that it’s the high 6 inch heels or nothing. Well, after reading this you may want to change your mind if you want to keep wearing heels much longer:

Have the ‘5 minute shoes’, to wear out to dinner or to church where you intend to be sitting most of the time. The 6 inch pumps may be used here, as they are chic but sorely steep, as if you’re walking on your knuckles! They can be extremely uncomfortable to move around with but we buy them for their beauty and the way they make us look:

There’s the ’30 minute shoes’ which are a little lower, there is not much pressure to the ball of the foot here. They are also a little wider and more wearable for longer periods of the day.

Then there’s the all day shoes with a stack heel. They still look nice and chic but they are much more comfortable and easy on the ball of your foot.

The worst shoe to wear consistently are flats she says. It is not uncommon to see back, hip and knee pain also occurring as a result of wearing flip flops and unsupportive shoes. It’s one of the most common causes of foot pain and fallen arches, also known as flat feet. Although this is a genetic condition, it can be aggravated by bad footwear.

Flat flip flops provide no support. Lack of proper foot support is a leading cause of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Plantar fasciitis is caused by the excessive pull of the plantar fascia, an arch-supporting ligament, causing pain and inflammation at the heel. If you consistently wear very flat shoes such as ballet pumps, or flip flops, with no arch, your foot will roll inwards every time you walk which can transfer abnormal forces up to the knee, hip and lower back causing pain. Wearing a supportive shoe will keep your body in a good alignment which can help with back pain.

One form of relief for the heel lover: After a lengthy night in heels, use a frozen water bottle and roll it along the ball of your foot for about ten minutes. It will work like an anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Scheiber, also says, as we age out feet get longer so have your foot re-sized the next time you go shoe shopping….

Source: Healthy Living- 9and10news.com