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The SBM Wardrobe Swap Party Ep.6

It’s number 6 and counting! We’re getting bigger and better! I always remember when I came here to take a survey before starting the SBM Wardrobe Swap party which happens every quarter of the year , that’s every 3 months, 4 times a year, usually in the months of March, June, September and December. This was the June Episode done on June 5th, a public holday in Nigeria, an additional muslim celebration holiday -and it was certainly bigger and better.

We’ve come a little way from the ‘pilot’ event, and we keep evolving, setting new rules, changing old ones and updating others. We keep doing that till we perfect everything from beginning to end. Why? You may ask, When you have an event that’s as interactive and people driven as this, you are forced to change ideas and guidelines that otherwise looked good on paper before implimenting. This is not necessarily a bad thing but a growth thing.

So this episode was fun, and although we had some electricity issues initially, when it was fixed, we had music, cold drinks and fun!!!

We had people take advantage of the Squad Package for the first time- groups of 4 ladies and above. Most people also took advantage of the early bird package, a lesson we picked up after Episode 3 last year… yes, you have to learn from disappointments. Lots of lessons from that episode has made us better and stronger.

a special shout out to the Swap Police, my special team – Jubemi, Oy, Omua and Aunty A!

If you haven’t been to any of our parties and you live in Abuja, Plan to attend the September 1st Episode !