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My Shirt dress Affair

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for the Shirt dress.  It’s simple (I like understated and minimal), easy to style up or down and never goes out of style.  Yes it’s classic! 

Did I mention it’s perfect for any body type? All you have to do is select the details you want – buttons all the way,  halfway,   collars,  no collars,  long sleeved, cap,  short or sleeveless.  You can go mini,  calf, maxi or knee length.  The options are endless!  Pockets are a must though.  I can’t imagine a shirt dress without pockets whether it’s hidden or patch. 

So anyways,  yesterday I attended a fashion and art event and given the venue, an art house, I knew the crowd would have mostly young creative minded people.  I decided to try out my deep green silk mix shirt dress for the first time,  accessorizing it with a long drop necklace with brown wooden circles and an arm party of golden bangles and gold drop necklace.  

This dress was a bit loose and I was going for a smart casual look so I used a leopard print skinny belt to give it some shape.  Topping it off with a pair of brown block heeled sandals and a grey shoulder bag.  I must say, I almost never wear block heeled sandals so this was a little new for me… 

I eventually had a brief stay at the event but I was happy with how I turned out.  What do you think?  Also,  how do you feel about shirt dresses?  Are you as drawn to them as I am?  

Let me know in the comments section.