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The SBM Wardrobe Swap Party-End of The Year Christmas Edition 2018

It’s not easy to have a unique idea or concept in your mind and find people who will not only connect with it, but encourage and help you perfect it and put it out there! The SBM Wardrobe Swap party started March this year, when I researched the concept and decided to introduce and commercialize it this part of the world. I wrote about it right here and then called up a handful of my friends, told them about it and invited them over for the test run.

Most liked the idea, I mean there was a lot to gain and it was free, nothing to lose really, and although there were those who for one reason or the other didn’t really buy into it, we kicked off nonetheless. Realizing afterwards that there would be unavoidable expenses, we began by encouraging guests to pay an access fee for the second party, and while we grappled to set our rules, standards, etc, we also found out there were people who were sold on the idea and never missed any of our quarterly parties.

SBM Swap Police- Jubemi, Omua, Molekor and OY

The third-party was less successful than I’d care to admit when you look at attendance, the venue, entertainment, perhaps everything but organization- yes, this was when the Swap Police Squad was introduced. We had a better grip on timing, valuing items, rules and organization and although the venue was not popular with the guests, we moved on to planning the last of the year. To be honest, I felt quite discouraged after the 3rd party, almost to the point of resignation, I mean we were operating at a minus loss level at this point! but… thanks to having close family and supportive friends who never fail to give the right push and say the right words! Never underestimate the power those kind encouraging words you say to people can have. When they know you are not just words, it changes things in their minds and hearts!

So we planned the last of the year, privately scared we would not be able to pull it off successfully and maybe close the year on the high note we had hoped for all year. God however, had better plans and we got perhaps most things right this time. We began to connect with more people who understood and appreciated the benefits of this new concept, we had people getting our early bird tickets, ladies ready to swap for value and most importantly, a party that was fun and profitable to all. Finally able to reach the breaking even line, finally able to have a structured event, with the rules of engagement well suited and carried out, a team that couldn’t be better and a venue that could only be described as God scripted!- the Bamboo Restaurant at 7 Rhine street, Maitama.

So as we close this year, I must thank personally, all the SBM Swap Party team members- Yemi- my Numero Uno, Monkorr, Jubemi, Mrs. Aramide, OY and Omua. This was a fresh idea, you heard and keyed in to push it out there and make it successful. You proved that 6 heads are better than one and that there is a future with this.

God is behind all of this and you’re all His Swap Party Generals!

Thank You and Merry Christmas!

…Looking forward to  a mind-blowing 2019 with Mega Swap parties shared with you guys all the way!

…And if you find yourself in Abuja any day early March 2019, Check with us so that you do not miss out on our first Wardrobe Swap Party of the new year.