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Top 5 Foods That Are Really Bad For Your Skin

Food. The fun ones always turn out to be the ones that are bad for you. Well, I come bearing  more bad news-  the top 5 foods that are bad for your skin, either because of their high glycemic index or content (the number that estimates how much the food will raise a person’s blood glucose level after eating)  which produces hormones that trigger acne or dairy and sugar content.



“Pizza has a high glycemic index, so it raises blood levels of sugar and can trigger acne and advanced glycation end products that break down collagen. The dairy in the cheese also contains growth hormones that may trigger acne as well.” Not looking good here ladies…

 Mac & Cheese
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“It’s high on the glycemic index, which is bad for wrinkles and acne. Plus, there’s a lot of dairy, which contains growth hormones thought to also trigger breakouts.”

Enough reason to toss them out?




“Cheeseburgers are only slightly less glycemic than pizza or macaroni and cheese, but there’s less dairy, so not as bad.”

….yay! for cheeseburgers! I love cheeseburgers!but does this mean they only qualify for cheat days?

French Fries/ Potato Chips


“French fries aren’t so horrible, but the high sodium and salt content dehydrates and causes temporary dulling of skin, while the high carbohydrate content make it just as bad for wrinkles.”

Question: Is it better balanced out with something more healthy like fish?

Fried chicken:


“It certainly isn’t great, but being fried is really the only strike against it. There’s no dairy! It’s bad, but not as bad as it could be.”

So there people. We all love chicken but we know that fried chicken although tasty, may not be the answer to healthy living.

Do you have any other foods you need to tell us about? let’s talk about it in the comment section below.


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