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Food & Fashion: The LBX Combination.

With our new category on SBM called Health and Fitness where we explore┬áthe best ways to look and feel good about our bodies with the help of the right diet, exercise and body care; we have been excited to find out what people are doing to look their best because to be honest guys and ladies, if you do not feel good and healthy about your body, the best designer outfit won’t make it happen for you!


Following this trail, we were invited to this event at the Le Beaux Xcape restaurant where there was a show of food and fashion! who would have thought right?  Brands featured with clothes, fabrics, accessories and food- moin moin (beans meal) and Chef Akin with some chicken barbeque to make the mouth water!


So they plan to make this a yearly event, hoping we can get the best of both worlds, fashion and food while increasing the value of the LBX Restaurant which caters for healthy and fun meals all together!