Day 3

The Clan design showed structured clean lines in their mostly sheath dresses and skirts and hats.Demure tones too…

Deola Sagoe, now called just Deola, was truly represented on the runway. To be honest, most of the other popular designers we were looking forward to seeing, were a bit underwhelming for me … except Deola. Her signature love for silky smooth fabrics like  taffeta, silk and Jacquard was not missed in the lovely feminine and chic designs and colors. Flounce everywhere, her ruffles were uniquely placed in line with the trendy but ladylike hemlines pitted against the naughty ball mini dresses and deep necklines.

Gozel Green eased down the runway in mostly orange and red athleisure looks. The sporty casual looks were in propane, lycra and other fabric mixes that showed off the modern futuristic cuts, layers and designs. Tokyo James brought the coolness of masculinity in white to the day 3 runway with a stand out snake-skin outerwear  to boot…

Brands like TTYA also worked the trendy waist bag into it’s stylish , mostly white, plunging neckline, high skirt slits and layered sleeves ensemble.

A colorful and classic close to fashion week.

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**Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna). 

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