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6 Things To Know, If You Love To Wear Black

If you’ve dressed yourself for longer than 15 years then you know what the color black means to any wardrobe. It is a classic fall back for any woman. It’s a Classic, full stop! The best stop for when you have nothing to wear and even when you’re out to make a statement, black can do it for you if you know what to do.

The pros are all over the place, from black being slimming to being one of the best colors to accessorize with. Black is clean, polished and definitely a go-to colour if I’m struggling for what to wear. It is mysterious, understated  and I love how black makes casual outfits look “put together.” However, as is the case, black on black can sometimes look stale, dated and even overwhelming, even if you’re wearing just one black piece.

…So here are 5 things you may want to know that may help you reinvent your black outfits/pieces and make them look and feel a lot more trendy, up to date, and classy:

1- Accessorize Nothing is as much fun to accessorize as black. The simpler the outfit, the more jewelry you can wear too! A chunky necklace paired with a stack of bracelets brings a little shine to a black outfit and a colorful purse or bag adds some pop of color. Simple black outfits can benefit from lots of jewelry because of the exciting contrast created. On the other hand, jewelry can “get lost” in more complicated outfits where there’s already a lot to take in visually.

Gold is always a winner to wear with black. Pearls look elegant. Glass beads (Italian-style) are also a good try. Consider elegant black jewelry. Black jewelry (naturally) matches black outfits perfectly, but you can also use it with colorful, casual outfits for a look that’s fun and dignified at the same time. You have many choices when it comes to black pieces of jewelry, including black pearls, black studded earrings, and black stone necklaces, so be willing to experiment. 

2- Layer- Layering is another great way to style your black outfits to uniqueness. Even if you layer with a black scarf, jacket or sweater, it comes out looking classy and chic. Layering with other colors is also a good way to wear your black outfit in many different ways. 3- Mix Fabrics/Hues/Textures:  An easy way to avoid looking like you’re wearing a cat suit when going all black is to pair articles of clothing that have different fabrics or textures. For instance, wearing a suit made entirely out of shiny black silk can be a little overwhelming, but wearing a black silk shirt inside a flat black cotton blazer will create an interesting contrast and call attention to the center of your torso. Also, chiffon will contrast against leather or any other fabric with a thicker consistency. In the same vein, leather shoes against knit socks will cause the pairing to have an obvious separation.

Some other black fabrics to explore and contrast with:

Cotton:  It’s breathable and comfortable. Has a flat appearance and generally a good fabric choice when it comes to black clothing. Unlike other shades, black cotton doesn’t darken when wet and is manageable in hot weather.

Polyester:  This fabric is less breathable, but resistant to wrinkling. It’s soft and smooth and good for black casual wear.

Silk: Silk is smooth, shiny and sleek. In black, it looks luxurious, expensive and sometimes even decadent. Generally best for men to limit themselves to one silk item per outfit — women can sometimes get away with more.

Leather:  Is strong and tough. It can be flat or shiny depending on the finish. In black, you can either give a tough “biker” look or a sleek, “clean” one, depending on the fit and the smoothness of the leather. It’s also good  at retaining heat so wear total black in small doses or in cooler weathers.

Use folds, seams, creases, ruffles, etc. For example, a sheer black can look amazing on its own, but if you want to spice it up, adding horizontal folds to the back can give a completely new look.

Again, be careful about wearing black outfits when it’s hot out. Black absorbs more light and heat than other colors, making it feel hotter when you’re wearing it

4- Add Colors – Even the darkest black isn’t dark enough to keep bright reds from standing out! If you like wearing other colors and use black only as an accent or to accessorize, then this is good for you. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and you wear black every day, add some color simply because it’s fun!

Be aware that the eyes will drift toward color on black outfits. Understanding the idea of contrast is important when putting together a black outfit. When you’re wearing mostly black, anything that isn’t black will stick out visually and will naturally attract the eye. For this reason, it’s a good idea to wear colored clothing and accessories near features that you want to show off — other people’s eyes will spend a lot of time looking here.

Keep in mind also that, depending on your skin tone, exposed skin may also create this contrast. Use this to your advantage by making areas of contrast next to skin you want people to look at. For example, if you want people to look at your beautiful face, a black turtleneck that ends sharply below your jaw line is a great idea.

5- Black for specific occasions  – I’d bet on black for most formal occasions because it’s flattering to the figure if worn well, and would hide flaws you may feel self-conscious about. That’s added to the fact that black is altogether clean and classy.


Black outfits absorb light, and not reflect, so they tend to make it hard to see the wrinkles, lines, and shadows that ordinarily form on a person’s clothes.This can give black outfits a slimmer, sleeker look than colored outfits, making them perfect for when you want to play up your features… or ideals:

For example, if you want to look cool, sexy,  mysterious and intelligent, black is a perfect color to wear. Dress in a semi formal black outfit and you’ll look like a mysterious poet or intellectual writer.

Use black-accented accessories (Black horn-rimmed glasses, scarves, hats, leather purses, messenger bags, gloves, watches, jewelry, piercings, hair bands, etc. ) for a distinguished, versatile look. It’s not just black clothes that go well with almost everything. Black accessories are very versatile as well and can be used to spice up a huge variety of outfits. Use black accessories to add a touch of class to casual multicolored clothes or match them with mostly black outfits for a deliberate, put-together look — it’s all up to you!

6. Try pairing metallic prints with black for a glamorous look. Anyone can look and feel like a movie star with this outfit. Wearing a metallic shirt or jacket over black pants creates a gorgeous visual contrast and calls attention to your upper half. This is also one of the rare outfits where a shiny metallic top won’t look over-the-top, making it a great opportunity to wear clothes you normally wouldn’t. Or try it the other way round, pair a metallic skirt with a black top- this would work for nicely for a strawberry body shape.

This kind of outfit is a great hit at events with a “glamorous” theme, like Oscar parties.

For men, Try a black dress shirt with jeans for an easy business look. Late to the office? This outfit is quick, easy, and suitable for most “business casual” dress codes. Best of all, since it’s harder to see wrinkles on black fabric, you may not even need to iron your shirt!

If you’re looking for something just slightly classier, try throwing on a tie and a set of cufflinks to turn this outfit from business casual to semi-formal.



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