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A Bit Of Wardrobe Advice For The Busty Woman

To the rest of the world, owning larger -than- average busts is nothing short of an inherited blessing. Well, perhaps if you could somehow take them off for a few minutes when you wished to, then it would be cool! Like when you want to wear that lovely low back top that would show your bra which you can’t do without, or a jewel neck top you would love to wear without worrying about what you have to wear underneath…

Finding blazers, cross-body bags, bathing suits, bras — basically, most clothing that suit your frame can be a hassle, something our less endowed sisters can do without a moment’s thought. Some just stay away from certain types of clothing and for those who still would wear anything they want, a good investment in various types of underwear is in order. Being able to know your body and what you should wear can take you places. But there is no better sight than the busty woman who has mastered not only her body but the art of dressing it!

If you have a smaller back, finding your size of bracould cause problems as most bras that would probably fit your back, may not have the right cup size for you… yep, the issues come in different ways… busty women can have smaller backs, wider backs, fuller arms, softer shoulders, a defined waist or strong shoulders. If you have any of these, how about going for a proper bra measurement? After that, find some brands that cater to your fit and taste, like Panache or  Bare Neccessities.

One advice I’d give a full busted woman (D cup and over) is to make sure she invests in bras that not only fit her perfectly, one that holds up the goods snugly while looking really pretty but also find those ones that focus on doing the job. Those plain fits that are solid for T-shirts. Make sure you shop everything you can find, from the balconettes as well as the shelf bras, and in between. When you have all these different bra types, you can easily expand your scope of wardrobe pieces and keep your Stylish Membership card intact. Also, padded bras are not for you, it’s just extra material which you definitely do not need. Just move on.

When shopping for your wardrobe, the right necklines are super important. V necks, Split necks, Sweetheart necks, U Shaped and Cowl necks are all best for the ‘boobilicious’ woman. Also, If you are generally top-heavy , a fit and flare dress will bring a balance to your figure.  The wrap dress, known for its flattering neckline and overall flattering cut, A line cuts, flare, knife pleats etc., are extra good too.

Although dresses are stylish and I love them, separates can sometimes be more stylish for you, especially if you can find prints or colors that enhance your body shape. You could also create that monochromatic look or a clean-cut by using separates of the same colors and then jazz them up by using different textured fabrics.Another tip? Crop tops work for a lot of full bust women. You could start by trying one out and then get comfortable with it. Instead of tucking in your shirt or top, which could turn your outfit to a fashion disaster, try a boxy top or a well cut crop top instead. I do that all the time. To be honest,  big boobs make most ‘professional’ clothing look like a disaster — botton down shirts could pop, blazers open in a most unflattering way, and make you look like a sloppy overweight whale! One solution for you is to find your best cut for dresses, whether it’s a shift, sheath or flares…

Perfect shift dress on busty actress Selma Hayek

…but we both know you can’t go to work in only dresses. As I pointed out above with tips for separates, you definitely could find separates that work:Christina Hendricks in a wrap top on the set of Madmen

If you do find matching separates in a suit, make sure the fabric, color and fit are all friendly. Lapel free jackets or ones with slim lapels are good.They won’t gape awkwardly and tend to be more closed across the chest. Again, don’t worry about buttoning up. When you have a larger chest, front closures in general are not your friends, but that’s fine!

Popular TV Personality Vanessa Freeman knows how to dress for her plus size bosoms

Layering when done smartly is also a safe getaway for you. Make sure the fabrics are not too heavy though. You know the trendy kimono and Ankara outerwears? They are great for layering.  Photo: Theminifamily (above) and ironyofashi.com(below)

Finally, Rompers are a busty girl’s best friend because they skim over your chest without any fit issues, and they’re more interesting and on-trend than a boring shift dress. So whatever you do, don’t restrict yourself to a few types of clothing when you have every opportunity to shop for even more!




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