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SBM Swap Party III- Swapping 4 Value

The third installment of the SBM Swap party was last Sunday. This time there were exciting new modifications .First, the idea of ‘Swap 4 Value’ which guarantees that you get as good an item as you bring over… in earlier swap parties, we only checked to make sure the items were clean, ironed, not worn and swap worthy. This time, we took it a step further by encouraging people to bring items that would be better appreciated by others- more fashionable items if you may.

The original idea behind the SBM swap party is to first encourage stylish and fashion loving women to declutter their wardrobes of all the items they don’t use often or at all. The SBM team then creates the environment for these stylish ladies to bring those items, where we check each item for wear and/or tear and to make sure that they are clean and ironed. We take them off the hands of the attendees and give them tokens instead- the swap currency which entitles them to pick out other items in place of their own items. We then display all items brought by everyone for them to pick from once the swapping begins…An awesome and cheap way to revamp one’s wardrobe wouldn’t you say?

The latest party had us also placing even more value (Swap4Value) on certain items based on brand, use and perceived demand. Those extra valued items were tagged with the number of tokens of their new worth, which increased the ‘spending’ value of the owners.

It does sound a bit complex but it’s really not, especially for those who get to attend.It’s much more fun than you’d imagine.

So we also had volunteers wearing the ‘SBM Swap Party’ T-shirts this time who helped make the party more organized and more fun.

We also had this episode at a lovely place called Cafe de Vie. There was music, drinks and an exotic snack called the SAJ.

In November/December, we will have the last swap party of the year, so if you find yourself in Abuja at that time, make sure you declutter well before hand and show up to have fun and swap!!!

Photos: SBM