Last week, music super star Tiwa Savage was in London not only for her Notting Hill Concert but to offer her fans who she has grown to call family, a taste of the ‘Savage’ at her Berwick Street pop-up shop.

“I wanted to give fans a lot more than just the show, so we decided to do a merch shop,” she explains to British Vogue, of her temporary Soho residence:

“You have to move with the times and make sure you’re continuously growing as an artist, as a woman, as a follower of style”  Tiwa is quite a follower of style as she is in part, helped by her entourage of stylists. As we found out, she has several stylists in different countries and for different clothing categories. One for stage costumes, one for trainers, one for street wear, one for press looks. She can’t count them, but she did admit to British Vogue to travelling with at least 10 suitcases!

The London merch fashion line, which she decided to sell online due to the good response, is all about easy street basics – T-shirts, jumpers, cycling shorts, totes – splashed with Savage across each £2-£45 piece. She says of the collection:  “I’m a tomboy at heart, but I wanted to reflect the mood of the city ahead of Notting Hill Carnival, so we did lots of neon colours.”

A good use of this opportunity and a solid way to break out an already widely loved brand, the Tiwa Savage brand.

We like the contemporary style of the easily noticeable fashion pieces, what with the name SAVAGE splashed across.

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