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Style Watch: The Monosleeve Wrap Shirtdress by E4MA

E4MA is an Abuja based designer that specializes in taking that fashion item you’ve always known, and making something new and stylish from it. Her level of creativity stands alone.

We all know that fashion repeats itself -Trends, fads, they all go and come back again. Unless you want to invent something historical like the jacket, envelope purse, pumps and the like; as a designer, once you come to terms with the reality that not every one will be the Chanel of their time, or the Valentino or Dior of their fashion age, then you know you have to look for the next best thing- finding a way to add your originality and creativity to an existing fashion item and then hope it’s a hit once you release it in your next collection.

E4MA is such a brand. They do it all the time. They have been able to take, in this instance, a wrap dress, chop off one whole side of it and make it a unique, stylish must have item.

We like the risk taken and we like that the mono sleeve shirtdress has become for the stylish woman, a creative way of expression.

It’s made so that you have to layer it over perhaps a tank top, a plain fitted top, a shirt, a tee-shirt and even another monosleeve wrap dress:

If you like the thrill of it all, a look you’ve probably not tried  before, try the wrap shirtdress over jeans, a skirt, a dress,  long or short and even palazzos or culottes… maybe even a jumpsuit?

I personally don’t shop midi lengths because of my petite height so a full length or knee-length monosleeve will do.

Take a look… how would you style yours?

Photos: www.instagram.com/e4madesign