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What Mascara Means To Me

Mascara, like lipsticks are a must have for the average woman. While some of us could not bear to leave home without a little stain on our lips, some others would not even say hi to the neighbor without a few brushes of the wand on our lashes.

Mascara is important, yes, but honestly,  I’m not one of those that would tell you it’s one of those things I cannot live without. Some days,  I even forget to put it on before going out, It would probably come up after my eyebrows, a good foundation, lipstick and then, the mascara. Ok for those mascara lovers who are reading this horrified, I do get the importance and the singular obsession you may have for this magical makeup tool and I agree they do work wonderfully, especially if your eyes are the centerpiece of your facial features . I just don’t owe my total make up look to the wave of the wand.

If however you are looking to get in on the true benefits of the mascara, don’t mind if I nudge you with these:

-It is one of the tried and true makeup tools to make your eyes pop. A good mascara could pull your tired lids back from the trenches, making you look like you got a full eight hours of sleep, even if you were out dancing until 2am. The contrast between the dark drawn lashes and the white in your eyes can mean everything to the entire look on your face!

-Your mascara could also double as an eyeliner. Looking for how to add some smudge and do a good smokey eye? Get creative!

-The difference between not wearing mascara and wearing mascara on any given day is anything but subtle. Looking for the right kind of drama? A good mascara will do that for you… take you from simple to vixen in minutes!

They say the truth lies in the wand. Find the right kind of swirl and your lashes could go on for miles… or at least look like it. Water proof or not, my interest lies in the extra thickness and extra length my mascara brings.

I have about 5 different brands of mascara in my make up case from MAC to Maybelline  but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t care less of the brand. All I really want is to use it (when I remember) and see the desired results. I must agree though that a good wand does add to a good application and a wonderful result.

So tell us, what’s your mascara story… how attached are you to your mascara? Are you one for the drama? or like me, appreciative of its magic but not under its spell? I’d like to know.