Dzyn is a brand who’s creative director, Ogwa Iweze has been featured on SBM, so we know the brand. What you may not know is that even though her red carpet dresses ( this is the brand’s known MO) are quite high end, this is one of the most  easily identifiable Labels ever worn in the country.

Ogwa knows how to take a trend and make it entirely her own. She twists and turns and what you see can only be categorized as a creative expression of a handpicked trend made red carpet ready!

As a blog that follows the beat of the fashion industry in Abuja and Nigeria largely, we know that this brand which has exceeded 10 years in the industry has definitely made an impression on the stylish fashion lovers. Who can forget their bold striped and bright colored caftan dresses? or their scuba dresses with the bold flower motifs in the most attractive colors and cuts? One of the first people to embrace the fabric (also known as neoprene) this side of the country. This fringe dress in their 2018 collection is definitely set to fit into their signature trend hall of fame.

The patterns and arrangement of the fringe, varies on the dresses as we have seen. This could be tricky for the wearer which is why if you set out to choose a design, we would advise you pick the one that fits your body type… begin the fringe in the part of your body you want to draw attention to. The truth is that this trend could be a lot for some style watchers to get into… some could perhaps warm into it when they see enough people on the streets rock them the right way.

We must add that this is also a trend that you can pick to suit your style personality- you want your figure out there? The fringed sheath dress will do it for you. For the minimalist like me, a flattering cut and a cautious single fringe row will probably do. You love to turn heads when you enter a room? This party is definitely yours! Wear it all over and accessorize as your mood carries.

Definitely a trendy collection to have fun with!


Photos: www.instagram/ dzynbabe

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