The fashion house of former beauty queen, Omawunmi Akinnifesi , simply called ‘Omawunmi‘ , is known for it’s simple feminine silhouette that accentuates the curvy female body- the cinched waist and curvy hips. Not a brand known to use too many prints or busy patterns, their Eden collection, fresh out of the box, tows the line of it’s other signature designs. Using mostly red, black and white,  a color also predominant in its previous collections, this is clearly a palette favoured by the designer.

Omawunmi Akinnifesi

We are overtly drawn to the brand’s simplicity and femininity. Perhaps not designs that would make you stand out in a room on its own, but we think they were specially made for the woman’s body to do all the work- how do we mean? The naturally curvy woman in any of these looks is all that’s needed to do the trick here. Imagine one of these looks on Omotola Ekeinde or Genevieve Nnaji, a woman with natural curves , whether it’s an hour glass or a generous pear shape, and no one would be able to take their eyes off them anywhere!

As time goes on, we see a brand that captures the loyalty of women not afraid to show off their curves and femininity; Also, with its experience and growth, show a strong committment to producing perfectly tailored pieces for the fun and attractive modern day woman…


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