It’s now a thing… the SBM Swap party. Every three months, if you live in Abuja, get ready to declutter and meet up with other stylish women to give, recieve and donate.

The second swap party by SBM, same venue, heavenly finger foods and drinks, a different mix of people… all with one aim- to get rid of their stuff and take on trendy additions. Oh what additions they were! Jewelry, shoes…. the shoes got a lot of ladies talking! There were bags,belts and of course clothing. 

This is how it goes: You get your access card for N3,000. Once in, you check in your items and get them valued. The valued items are switched for tokens which becomes the currency of use for swapping items. With a maximum of 20 items to bring, the idea of getting about 20 new additions to your wardrobe could be just what the doctor ordered, and yes it’s a good idea any which way you look at it.

So what are you doing come September? Everyone has stuff that’s been taking space in their closet for the longest time. There are people out there who would love to get their hands on those items! It also attracts those who just want to declutter, nothing more.

With the leftovers, we connect with a charity who takes care of widows and SBM is able to donate them to these women.

Like I said earlier, it’s always a win, win!


Photos: SBM, @ememopashi

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