What do you wear to a restaurant opening?  Something comfortable?  Something simple and unique? Or you go all out to stand out? Well,  at the opening party of the La Taverna restaurant in Abuja,  the guests seemed to have chosen all of the above.

There were delicious hor d’ oeuvres,  drinks and a DJ.  People danced,  lingered and talked…  There was a lot of talking and networking. I met for the second time the Swiss owner of the Kaduna based Polo club,  5th Chukker,  who’s organizing the trip for the diplomatic women to the 2018 Durbar. Yes, I was invited… Not sure about going yet though…

Back to the outfits. The guests may have chosen different ways to turn out,  but the underlying idea seemed to be comfort – Looking comfortable and approachable.

What would you wear to a restaurant opening for European food?


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