The Kano Durbar is an annual event that the people of Northern Nigeria look forward to immensly. There’s a lot that goes into it and a lot that is exhibited during the ceremony, including my favourite thing to watch, the horse riding. The Emir gets to participate in the ceremony and of course is the guest of honor.

Fifth Chukker is an amazing Polo Country Club in Kaduna, home to some of the best horses. If you’ve been there, you’ll definitely understand my enthusiasm for the place. There is this partnership where the Fifth Chukker Club has put together a well planned 3 day experience, for the Ambassadors of European and other Western countries who are in Nigeria. They all get to meet at the Polo club in Kaduna and then head off to Zaria and Kano for the up coming Durbar.

The prelude to this is what I attended yesterday. A private , by appointment only meeting between the ambassadors wives and the couturier- Blessing Mato of Unikutelle, a designer brand based in Kaduna. The fabrics were provided by Vlisco, the Dutch manufacturer, producers of the highest quality of our beloved Ankara.

The goal here was to get the measurements and designs needed to produce the outfits suitable to be worn by these foreign women,  for the 3 day event. Unique, detailed and conservative enough for the cultural climate but fashionable enough to be photographed in, to stand out in.

Next stop, The Zaria and Kano Durbar.

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