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Top 3 Trends You Should be Rocking Right Now

It’s always fun to find out which trends have stayed on the SBM rader this 2018 and which ones you need to try out simply because they would fit you the right way. Whether it’s the hottest pink tones, or the edgy and somtimes feminine fringes, finding out a trend and how you can wear it is important for the style watcher.

We singled out three trends that have become a huge 2018 hit and  we have grown to love:

Asymmetric Cuts: The season’s asymmetrical cuts on outfits add immediate character to your classic selections. From a top to a dress, to even skirts and pants, think of it as polished perfection with a twist.


This trend is for everyone! The edgy  rocker will find her place right beside the minimalist and classic style lovers who want nothing but simple clean cuts and exquisite tailoring. If you like the girly and feminine look, there’s one for you too.

Also find cuts that balance out your body as assymetric cuts tend to set off balance. Do you have a juicy strawberry body shape with strong sexy shoulders? Necklines or shoulders with asymmetric cuts will set you off nicely. The Apple body shape would love that edgy hemline and shoulders too, and the hourglass would be spoilt for choice!

Florals:  Flowers, the sun, water… Always a good combination! Even if you won’t be anywhere near a beach, floral dresses never really go out of style. We just find new ways to bring it back every year.  This year, we love them all! From the bright festive bouquets of the 60s, the more reserved fields of the 40s, to the bold watercolor flowers we love- we’re all in on this one.

The curvy plus size should shop more of the smaller flower prints than the bold. Also, find one that fits your style- bright and multi colored or in darker,calmer tones.  If you like the pattern and color but think it’s a lot for your height or body type, play up the areas you like to show off… for instance if you’re petite and your pick is strong and bold, perhaps too much for your height, pick a dress that’s knee length or shorter with a limit on designs on the outfit.

Fringe Twists on Outfits-Take it to the fringe, literally, with a mesmerizing swish of tassels. From statement earrings to a deconstructed hemline. This is a trend that you may want to invest wisely in.

Dzyn collection 2018

Dzyn Collection 2018

Start with the hemline and go up from there if you are not too sure of which way to go. But if you feel at home here, take it all the way…