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Continued: Ik Osakioduwa On His Personal Style And Life

We’re back with the second part of our very insightful interview with IK and if you didn’t catch the first part, you can link up here.

Obviously there was a lot to tell you! Given the chance to, we asked all the questions we’d thought, imagined and even the goofy ones that pushed their way onto the list.
 Did we tell you he started his own Productions and Comms company called Lite Communications?  He also anchored the late night TV Show on DSTV Africa, his own show called ‘Highlites with IK’. We thought that was a good mix of current, entertaining and funny! Then in 2016, he became the host of the very first edition of The Voice Nigeria. Up is the only way, IK!
 So what else did we get him to spill? Let’s see…
 What/who did you grow up listening to?
Well I grew up listening to so many different types of music. You see I come from a really big family and we spent a lot of time with each other. Also my taste in music was influenced by my parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, siblings and endless family friends. My dad played a lot of country music, so there were people like Kenny Rogers, The Judds, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and so many others in my ear. My mum was slightly different from my dad in her music taste. She liked Abba (Who didn’t), Boney M (Who didn’t?), Diana Ross, and she liked Nigerian music too. I remember her wiping a tear while listening to Christ Essien Igbokwe’s “Seun rere”. She then told me the meaning of the song and explained that she was always touched by it.

My uncles where into the pop scene too. As, I grew up, I embraced other types of music like Hip Hop and R n B. I developed a love for groups like BoysIIMen, BBD, ABC, Kriss Kross, TLC and so on. Basically the music of the day.

What attracts you to an outfit?

Well, similar to my attraction to women, it starts from the way the outfit looks on display. After which it becomes more about how well suited the outfit is to my body type. Some things look great on display, and may look great on someone else, but just don’t suit you when you try them on. Isn’t that just the same with dating? A lady may look so attractive but when you consider her personality type and yours, you might find that you would both be happier people if you dated other people.

Can you describe yourself in a hash tag?
Oh wow! I’ve never tried that but there’s always a first time. #FocusedFunFreeAndFriendly #MrKeepItReal #MrRelatable 🙂 You pick.

How has fame changed you?

That question makes me smile because I don’t believe it has changed me at all. My friends from way back often say to me “You haven’t changed”, though if we are going to be entirely honest they don’t mean that as a compliment. They usually say it to me when I’m goofing around. In truth I don’t believe it has changed me at all.

My mum was a huge part of my development in entertainment and it was almost her mission to see to it that the popularity didn’t get to my head. And I think she did a good job of it.

What’s something you’d still love to learn?

I’d still love to learn to speak a foreign language fluently, play the piano flawlessly and ride a power bike skillfully.

What’s the best film/movie ever made?

That’s a question I definitely can’t answer. I have several HUGE movies that I love. and I love them for varrious reasons. For Example:

I love ‘The Champ’ because of the emotions it pulled from everyone who ever watched it. (Nobody under 35 would remember that movie). I loved ‘Top Gun’ because… well, fighter jets, power bikes, military uniforms … everything a young boy would love to play with.

I loved ‘The Mask’ because it was likee the introduction of ‘Goofy’ as the new ‘cool’. I loved ‘A Few Good Men’ because of Jack Nicholson’s speech in court ”…you can’t handle the truth” the energy of that speech… priceless!

Ever been starstruck? With Whom?
Oh loads of times. I remember the first time I met RMD in person. I was totally tripping. He was playing the Benin KingOvonramwen Nogbaisi in the play Ovonramwen at the Law School. Somehow we had gotten backstage passes and with it a chance to meet the ‘Checkmate’ legend. I was so excited even though I barely said a word to him.
To you: The best designer of all time?

While I may be a bit reluctant to name anyone as the best designer of all time, I would be quick to tell you the person who is best at designing for my body frame, and his name is Mai Atafo. He has made me some really brilliant outfits over the years. Whether English or traditional, he has yet to make an outfit for me that I don’t like.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

That I put up an act when I’m on stage. Many people believe that ‘IK’ on TV and ‘IK in person’ should be different characters. So when they meet me, they expect me to be different. They even say things like, ”You’re not on TV, you don’t need to speak like that.” When in truth, IK on TV, Radio and Events is very simply… JUST IK.
In other words I sound the same, play the same and think the same.

Favorite article of clothing?
This might shock people, because it isn’t what they know me for, but my favorite thing to wear is a watch. I love my watches. No, I’m not a huge collector. And no, I don’t wear flashy wrist watches. I have a very specific style in wrist watches that I like. And they are classy, classic, masculine, with a little touch of uniqueness.
What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered for staying TRUE. By ‘True’, I mean true to my God, my Principles/Beliefs, True to my personality, True to my family , True to my friends, and so on.
Also I would really like to be remembered by all who know me as someone who changed the lives of people he met for the better (IK gives back through ‘The IK Talks’, which offers free mentoring sessions by IK to help and instruct aspiring Radio/TV presenters, Public Speakers, or Event MC’s. He also routinely addresses teenagers on varied topics, giving them much needed insight into issues such as career choices and  peer pressure in today’s world).

How do you stay motivated?

Well, motivation comes in many forms. It comes particularly easy to all responsible men who would like to take care of their wife and children. You somehow find the motivation to grind when you know that the rent, school fees or even just summer holidays are coming.

Also, I come from the best family in the world. They believe in chasing dreams and are constantly encouraging me to chart mine. They often take time to ask what new steps I’ve taken towards that dream. They are my greatest motivation.

Most exotic place you’ve been to?

Hmm… I’ve been to some pretty cool places but my definition of exotic might not be what most people are looking for. So even though, I could say Brazil, I’d personally lean more to Cape Town. I love the views. Also, it has the perfect balance of shopping, restaurants, night life and  outdoor activities.

What do you want more people discussing today?

The role we all have as individuals in creating a Nigeria that we would be proud to leave our kids. I know that doesn’t seem like the coolest topic but it really does occupy my mind a lot these days. And I wish more people thought about how THEY could improve Nigeria, instead of just sitting around complaining about our government all day long. The government doesn’t need to solve every problem. There are a lot of things we could change ourselves.

What are your fave comments/compliments to receive?

Yet another question I’ve  never given much thought. While I love it when people tell me how nice I look, smell or speak, I am particularly excited when people tell me I did an excellent job at handling an event, TV show, interview or situation. Why? because that compliment addresses the way I think… my mind, not just something external that could be easily changed on a bad day.

Loafers, Oxfords or Monk Straps?

Hmm… give me a second to google ‘monk straps’… Thank you google ,(I seriously didn’t know what those were). I would definitely go with Oxfords. I feel that every man should have a pair, no matter who you are. But you can find a way around the others.

What kind of projects do you have the most fun working on?

Projects that involve interaction with people. I’m a “People person”, so whenever I’m interacting with them, I’m in my element.

If someone wanted to impress you, what would they need to do?

I’d need some context to be able to answer this question properly. But beyond anything else, please BE YOURSELF. I love people who are aware of and able to stay true to their personalities.

The one meal I know how to cook very well is… 

Water. Hmm… if I boil water for you ehn. You will know that someone has done something. My boiled water is the best. A trial will convince you.

Ok fine, I don’t cook. Yes I can make noodles, fry plantain and eggs but that’s it. And I don’t consider that cooking. Nor would I ever compete in those areas with anyone. Cooking is not really a part of my destiny.

You’d never catch me wearing….

Sagging pants. I have never been able to understand the concept. After all, I know where my waist is.

Genius is…

Becoming so skillful at delivering on the little you know how to do, that you are able to grow your business till you can afford everything you WANT.

What song best describes your life right now?

It would be a song by Hugh Jackman in the movie, The Greatest Showman called “From Now On”. It speaks the words of a character who has already achieved quite a bit in life but has also made some mistakes along the way. The song speaks from a place of clarity that has finally been achieved, and the man, having gotten the proper perspective about life, has now decided to put “First things First”.

I have made a similar decision too quite recently, and I am pursuing the right things in life now.
The End.


So whether it’s holding up the role as ambassador for  leading Telecommunications brand – Airtel, or holding down the most popular TV Shows in Africa, you must agree, IK Osakioduwa is the man to watch!
…And, he obviously is not done yet!